Dec 7, 2009


SO, in exactly one week IM TURNING 20.
These are my last teen moments,
lol. I feel so old... haha, I know im not,
I've been through alot and im just moving right along... haha
I have to study for finals :/ If i take one final on friday i wont have to take it on my Berfday so i think im going to do that,
Well to celebrate the one week before
i decided to post 20 bomb ass things that are on my wishlist:

Ysl Tee

Sephora Blockbuster

Clarissa Explains it all, if you are my age you remember this show... OMG I LOVED IT!

Marc Jacos memoirs-Bridget Foley

Forever21 Dresses


Marc Pen, why,IDK?

I only like poppy. Dont judge me.

La. Candy

I love KDIA ring
Haha, i actually want this 3 finger ring from aldo but i can't find a pic of it, but this is cool.

Can't decide...

Need a new sketchbook, Moleskin is best.


Honestly i just need new clothing,

and this.

yes thats probably not 20. sue me.
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