Dec 22, 2009

All Eyes on me in the Center of the Ring

Hahaha, lol, my life is like a circus right now,
i REFUSE to go to the mall after 11:00am b/c its too crazy,
Im about to go to work but yesterday i found this cool lookbook with a circus/carnival theme for Apartment Carnival.

They look like they had TONS OF FUN on this shoot. hahaha.

Aww thank you miss Jade from i have to tell 7 things about myself:
1.I work too much lol
2. Im in school and doing well bc im a nerd.
3. I have liked lady gaga for a LONG time, lol. FUNNY how she is just now getting famous..
4. I have a twitter, im @malibumara.
5. When im bored i watch the food channel :)
6. My blog is awesome so you should be following it
7. I have no clue again who to give this award to but im working on making my own awards soooo, yea. LOOK OUT for those.
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