Dec 26, 2009

Harajuku Girls You Got that Wicked Style

I like the way that you are, i am your biggest fan...

Haha, So when i say im pretty up on trends, ive seriously looked at Tokyo street style LONGER than Gwen Stefani, Mainly bc i went to tokyo when i was in 6th grade, IVE ALWAYS wished AMERICA as like at least 1/4th as cool... its not.

SO when it comes to revamping my wardrobe i usually can't afford it so i make my own things, and Harakjuku Girls LOVE DIY PERSONALIZATION. I was looking for a new Cell phone cover.... and im SOOOOO making one of these:

The goal is to get a cheap pink snap on case from ebay or amazon and then glue on these things myself. They sell stickers that have these jewels already as one big sheet but i have a samsung behold so there is a hole for the camera inthe back so i can't do it :/
Im soooo excited though.
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