Dec 24, 2009

If you ain't been apart of it at least you got to witness...

400 Followers and Counting,
I seriously love you all. SOOO i made a NEW apreciation post!
this is a wonderful xmas present! i did 350 for my birthday and that was like 10 days ago!!!
Ya'll are love :)

Im addicted to:
Im also addicted to Flashy because shes the best dressed EVER!:
AND my Distant Cousin has swag for years and centuries! shes amazing:
This chick helps me get my makeup done she has some AWESOME tutorials:
These people know everything and keep me informed on ANYTHING:
This dude is underrated check him out!:
i just discovered KidFresh like 3489787 years after everyone else lol:
AND Justin he's soo cool and one of the sweetest bloggers ever!

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