Dec 17, 2009


OMG, so all i needed on the ACCOUNTING final was a 73.... by the grace of God and like 389472893742 prayers....

i got A 76!!!!!! IM so excited, ive never have gotten a C in college so i was freaking out hard core, (well SHSU, lol i have one transfer grade that was a c but it doesnt count in my GPA)
SOOOOO I have a B in that class :) SOOOO HAPPY! I was VERY worried so THANK YOU everyone who gave me encouragement you helped push me to make it!!!

AND, I have gotten 2 awards!

1)The first is from Miss ScOOp! from
He blog keeps me entertained she knows everything thats happening lol
2)the second is from Miztrin from
She has a wonderful makeup blog so check her out for tutorials!!!

IM SO ExCITED from this accounting grade my mind is so blank i have no clue to nominate,
I love everyones blogs thats why i try to comment when i can, so im going to try to create my own award soon so show you guys how much i are about you all!

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