Jan 11, 2010

Fancy Fancy oh so Fancy

 Versace Spring 2010


I love these prints and shoes!
SO im leaving for school tomorrow and maybe gonna put out alittle video blog really quick, I have to pack everything and say good bye to my lovely home in houston :/
sigh i dont want school to start on wed.
I dont have school on thursdays lol, so i get a break :)

SO i just checked my school email and i was signed up for the wrong labs :/ SO i resigned up and now i have a thursday sewing lab :/... IN THE AFTERNOON. Not happy.
ALSO i has to sign up for a new Design lab so i have late mondays. If you havent noticed i HATE classes after 12. These classes end at 3ish. its not late or anything but i just like having the rest of the day off to just chill, AND i was thinking of getting a job. NOW WHAT?
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