Jan 5, 2010

Heavy Metal

New obsession= Metal accessories.
well, its not that new, but i just decided to devote a post to it.
Im ordering like 1,000 different studs and spikes to DIY a few of the things i want,

I want to make these but im not sure if i want flats or sneakers...

BUT i do want to make these shirts from F21, i almost bought one but they were falling apart IN THE STORE... wtf is that?

Since im a college student i can't just buy everything and im pretty good at making anything sooo, here i go lol.
Yay new DIY projects :)
BUT if i was truely awesome:

Yay metal :)

Ans shouts out to Silvia i saw the headband on her site first shes amazing :)
AND my friends over at 13th floor upcomming stylist and designer working hard we were talking about ordering studs and spikes he gave me some advice and fueled this fire lol.

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