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Jan 7, 2010

We did it, 500

This is AMAZING,
this was my goal and we finally did it,
thank you guys sooo much im having a bad day so coming home to see this was really cool!

lets see, i woke up suuuper early to drive an hour and 1/2 to pay for school
on the way home a rock hit my car, TWICE!
so now i have to pay for it,
and i ran a red light like a few weeks ago but im not sure if the light has a camera on it.
i DESPISE red light cameras... so im SUPER NERVOUS.

and to top it all off, i have to work,
SO to all my new followers, i'll respond tomorrow, super cool post tomorrow too.

Im happy really! :)

until tomorrow, enjoy my random photos i LOVE, check out that guys bow! He made it, IT IS LOVE!
His name is Christopher and made these Bows too:

hah see him here.
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