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Mar 8, 2010

I Never Want to See Another Accessory

I did a photoshoot for a friend in a Dope band Named the Accessories. Haha,
Of course the shoot was about accessories, and if you want a chick with a ton,
Im pretty much it.

It worked well, i've never really modeled before but it was a good experience, the crew was dope.
I think i'm going to stick to styling though hahaha i feel like i better at that...
Basically throughout it was was showing off the "Accessories" so i kinda did the same poses, like 3949284 times lol. I couldn't think of anything :/ boo, I can't wait to see the end of it!

The photog David was pretty dope like i said, his crew was cool and he posted these behind the scenes photos on his facebook:

Credit: David Lackey

Bonus twit pic lol.
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