Apr 9, 2010

And all the trash that the people say, he was using it for fuel.

Well, It is friday, THANK GOD.
I came across this forever21 in studio shoot.

It very much reminds me of the ALDO ad campaign... hmmm.

HAHA, Funny story.
So university policy is if a teacher isn't there in 15 minutes, you can leave.
SOOOOO we get to class and APPARENTLY our teacher at 10:30 last night gave us homework!! To MEMORIZE 10 LINES... Did i mention this is SPANISH???? SO we all are in class freaking out and she never came.
SO we left...
THEN at 9:30, she emails us saying she can't come to class bc shes throwing up... Um, Overshare AND hello, CLASS STARTED AT 8:00!!!
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