Apr 14, 2010

Be Inspired


SOooo I turned in the worst project I have ever created for my art class. It was that bowl project. Oh my. I wonder what my grade will be on it lol. Also I got a new project, I have to create a collection based on ancient Peruvian culture. I DID NOT PICK IT. I wanted an Asian influence but my teacher had dumb shit like "Norwegian" and "Fiji Islands" so I'm dumbfounded. However, this is my LAST project for this class and it will ALL BE OVER!
ALSO, there will be a reception next thursday where i will be receiving my scholarship :) My teacher and person who nominated me for that large one is the chair of the fashion board at Sam Houston and told me that i will try again next year for that big scholarship soooo next year seems like a big deal for me being as though i will be getting my internship assignment. I can't wait, really.
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