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Apr 13, 2010

Ke$ha Surprized me today

And still needs a bath

Not gonna lie, it looks pretty vogue. STYLEwise. Her modeling needs work, but she looks great covering her face!

In other news... IM HISTORIAN for the Fashion Merchandising club!
It was so random... but thats cool,
today was a good day, im soooooo excited for interning.
I get to do mine next summer and this one girl in the club (so not fashionable or anything) is going to Nordstroms in San Diego! The president of the club did hers at the mall of America at nordstroms too. Soooo I'm excited to go somewhere... HOPEFULLY NYC!!!
PS: MissJ  from http://myclosetmylife.blogspot.com/ gave me a sunshine blog award,
WHO are the 15 i give it to? FIRST 15 WHO COMMENT! lol

Where do you think i should go?
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