Apr 26, 2010


Its the end of the year, and all i can think about is summer.
I don't know why i care,
probably bc i'll be out of HUNTSVILLE. UGH,
i dislike this town.
I can only be here enough, but don't worry, I'll be excited to be back by august LOL.
Im most likely going to work this summer, and that means....
MONEY! and that also means my annual shopping list!
What am i working for this time?

Polaroid Pogo, its like a polariod camera but futuristic bc its DIGITAL! only $199. MUST HAVE!

Mini netbook :) My computer is a piece of garbage. I decided it will be used for homework only and i will blog from the netbook. UGH. I HATE my computer. ANY SPONSOR WILLING TO SEND ONE, MUCH APPRECIATED. My laptop is SOOO un reliable :/

I noticed there is alot of pink on this list...
I want this and the typical CLOTHING of course. I want a more sophisticated wardrobe so i want to sell my older clothes and get some new stuff. UGH a hassle kind of but yea, ebay auctions will be my BFF this summer :)
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