Jul 22, 2010

Iluminant Body

Ready, Set, GO

The colors and styling make this look super amazing.

Sooo, I accepted my awards, Sent the transcripts. I am almost ready for next semester lol. All i have to do is wait for the grades to transfer, sign up for my pattern-making class and I'll be good to go. My award was $1,500, but they split it in half. I guess thats cool, thats all my food and gas money+ books. I hope thats enough... Next semester will be crazy. my mom loses her job in August, sooooo it will be kinda weird for a while. She wants to go to the Philippines for 3 months. I want her to get a new job. She is telling me I need to get loans for my senior semesters :/ Yuck. But I mean, I'll do what I have to do to graduate. Its just annoying to hear them complain to me about how much school is bc DUH I know too, it just stresses me out too when you complain to me like I make the prices or something.Bottom line: I can't wait til I graduate so I can move far away and be doing what I love away from their nonsense.
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