Sep 7, 2010

Fashion Tidbits

DID someone really say they aren't wearing any white because its after Labor Day? LAME. I think some fashion rules are dumb. The whole white after labor day thing was because the seasons change after labor day (YAY ITS FALL) and it gets colder. White is usually worn to keep cool in heat (why chefs wear white) BUT thank God it is 2010 and we have AIR CONDITIONING.
SPEAKING OF CHEFS, who's role model is opening a resturant?
(Image via refinery 29)
Marc JACOBS is opening one and all they will say is it will be "uptown." I want to go, my trip to NYC has a long list of places and people to see. I just realized I forgot about internships until this moment...I need to get back on that. 
To keep with my theme of MARC, he has been interviewed by INTERVIEWMAGAZINE He looks great.

Oh and in other news, I have been seeing these blogger events in Houston, and looking at the blogs for some people who get invited, my question is WHERE THE HELL IS MALIBUMARA? Haha, I had to get my inner Kanye out,  some of those blogs were wack. No readers, no comments, really? Emails are being sent to some of these nonos.
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