Sep 9, 2010

Fashions Night Out

Fashions night out is tomorrow! Im too excited :) I changed my outfit LOL, omg. I love it though I think its really unique, you'll see. I loves it.
My outfit is FABOSH, but I'll put that and pics from the event tomorrow or Sunday.
And because I got out of order here are the photos from wednesdays Fashions Night Out show. It looked super incredible, I know the event in Houston won't be as great, im jealous.
I LOVE Blake Lively's Dress!


Yes, I'll be putting up photos of the collections that I like today was the first day of NYFW, I heard Christian Siriano was REALLY GOOD, I wish I was there :/ BUUUUTTT Christian is going to HOUSTON Fashion week, sooooo.... maybe I will.
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