Sep 27, 2010

I only have 4 Minutes to save the world.

I have been jamming Madonna lately and working on my projects.
School is sooo bust but I'm doing what I love so Im not complaining.
LATELY  I have been thinking about Grad school. I'm so thankful that I've been working hard because most you need about a 3.3.GPA to apply.I have like a 3.8 AND I'm in the top 15% of my university... I think Im good lol. I just need to figure out by the summer time because that I have to take the GRE... Its the the SAT but college style.
Enough about me though, I came across this spread from TATLER. I LOVE the ornate embellishments! Im obsessed with that! My room is damask but a juvunille version... I picked it our after I graduated highschool.... Im really to pick out dope stuff when I move. I feel like im growing ALOT!

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