Sep 11, 2010

My LONG Fashions Night Out Post.

SO I was really excited about going to FASHION NIGHT OUT and did not plan on being seated and was sooo confused about the gift bag situation. Some lady came up to me and my friend and boyfriend and was like, you can just go to that entrance and he'll let you in blah blah blah, I just remember running. We got there, sat front row, got gift bags with a ton of stuff. AND SAW great shows, ate great food. It was really nice. Even though I was in Houston I think what we did was really cool and I can't wait for it to be Bigger and Better next year.

I look tired, and of course in all the chaos... I have no full body photos :/ My outfit was so fabosh, I'll bust it out again eventually. 
I have all 131 photos up on facebook if you are friends with me you can just look through them,
My highlights though:

More Under the cut:

I want these shoes!!!

I need a trenchcoat in my life. I have a long story about a YSL trenchcoat that i should have bought but didn't :/

LOL the ghetto girls behind us were going crazy every time this guy came out! I called him ken doll, the entire crowd would go insane i know his ego was at 100thousandtrillion. He was winking at those girls and i laughed because it would be hilarious if he was gay!

I need these leggings in my life.

This is completely my style.

TOMORROW's post i'll be going through my swag bag in another video post, it was a pretty good one haha.

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