Sep 13, 2010

Small fashion week break for the VMAS

Well, all I cared for is Lady Gaga and Kanye.

Taylor Swift sucks, I HATE how she keeps telling Kanye to "Stop using HER NAME for FAME" BAHAHAHAHA, really? Because Kanye made HER FAMOUS. AND clearly, everyone hates her now because IT HAS BEEN A WHOLE YEAR! Why replay that clip and then sing a sorry ass song? Noone cares. Moving on NOW.
GAGA looked pretty cool in all of her wardrobe changes, The Mcqueen was AMAZING! She looked really elegant, even wearing meat. AND SHE WON 8 AWARDS! Why do people keep doubting her? Last But not Least KANYE's close to the show was really awesome, and the funny thing is, he just was himself the whole time. That is what I love about Kanye, he never loses himself, he was toasting to himself hahahaha, I LOVED IT. Besides them two the rest of the VMAS was retarded, I mean, MTV doesn't even play music videos, why do they think they know what music is??? Because they USED to?

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