Sep 12, 2010

Whens fashion week? I thought that was every week.

So, it is sunday and I am definately dead tired. As you will see in my video post, DAY 2 of sleeping at 4:00am. Oh man. Im so tired, Im so sore. Lol, I have a lot of ideas right now and I'm just working. Lots of things comming. I feel like a silent predator waiting to strike. Its kind of interesting.
ALSO, Christian Siraiano as I have said is coming to HOUSTON and I HAVE to see him. This collection is AMAZING! I want to see it all live.

I think his work is amazing, forget his age, he is here to stay. I marked him as the next Marc Jacob from when i saw his work on Project Runway. He is too amazing.

Yea, Fuck you photobucket and your screen capture bullshit. Lol, I look dumb AGAIN. HAHA, i was going to do vimeo but it takes like ALL day. No thank you.

LOL, oh so I left out the two rings that were in my bag, I have to take pics of those later, AND that band, here, check it out NOW:

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