Feb 18, 2011

Backstage Beauty

I know today is supposed to be Friday Inspiration,
but I just loved the shots from the backstage  at Elie Tahari photos.
It was styled by Joe Zee, editor at elle. If you can remember from "The City" he always stuck up for Olivia even though she was useless.

The show was one of my favorites as well. I AM LOVING THE TEXTURES for the fall. I was doing a lot of that last fall so I guess I am a season head :D
As far as life goes I have so much studying to do this weekend.  I have a textile swatch kit that needs to be completed, well the first 42 swatches. UGH this book is so much work, I will make a post or put it in a video. It is a good tool to have but oh my.... Id rather buy a book with it all filled in!
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