Jul 27, 2011

Pushing Luck

My class came in the mail today! Finally. It only took a month. But today has been me reminiscing, I watched a video on my YouTube channel that I said I wouldn't have a summer bc I would be so busy. This summer has been the complete opposite of that. But I'm happy. I needed to just relax, so I can appreciate it more. I've been working every summer since I was 13 (babysitting until I was 16), I have my whole life to work.

photography: kimberley gordon
model: alex spencer
styling: sue-ann + rach and christeric
Makeup: Carlene K
Hair: Beatrice DeJong

PS this song ^ Is from a cool group called MK1 that I found on my favorite music blog Arjan Writes! He is super awesome and so is this song. Like he says its dubstep with proper hiphop and pop mix. JAMMIN.
MK1- Money or Luck.
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