Aug 8, 2011

tca style

Teen Choice award "Fashion." Seeing as though teens voted Taylor Swift 'red carpet fashion icon' I automatically believe that the show was pretty lame and Taylor is no where near fashion. As for the carpet, there were some hits and misses.


Rachel Bilson in Chloe with Brian Atwood shoes.

The Beibs looked pretty cool as usual. I just want to either fix his bow tie, or get rid of it all together.

Only Lucy Hale can pull this off. Perfect size and age to wear this.

Shay Mitchel looks great in DKNY! Pretty Little Liars girls are pretty off set too!

A smile is the best accessory, I really am happy these two made up!


WHY Tyra? Why?

This dress makes her look larger, and her hair should have been down.

Those arm things. No.

Fergies face when Ashton Kutcher won over her husband.
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