Oct 6, 2011


I'm playing with an idea of a new layout, I'm at about 75%. I've been pretty busy, and today I was dying from allergies. No bueno. Anyway, check out my "tie-dye" shirt; yes its looks like the YSL logo, we're the Fashion Merchandising Club, Im president, we thought it was cute:
I'm also hunting for an internship for the fall! I need it to graduate BUT I want my internship to turn into a job. I can probably just go to the mall and get one in a store, BUT THAT IS MY LAST DITCH EFFORT, I really want to LEARN something new. I've been working in retail since I was 16, I think I got it down. I really like this whole "qualitative research stuff" I've been doing, and I kinda played with the idea of working in trend forecasting. It seems cool so far, even though I've wanted to be a buyer since I was in HS. My life obviously operates in surprise turns so I'm just waiting.
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