Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Pt.2

Jenna Marbles as Nyancat says HAI!
So I put together a short, grainy video from fall festival! LOL, Omg, just watch.

-Sooo, on Halloween weird and cool things happen. I did a presentation this morning, lets just say I'm glad it's over with. The girl before us talked about death... it was really awkward. We went right after and talked about fashion LOL.
 -LOL Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce, its only been 72 days. You couldn't pretend just a little longer? I mean the wedding special is still scheduled to play everyday for the rest of the year. But she wins, I'm going to watch Kim and Kourtney take new york just to see how it all went down. PUBLICITY STUNTS AT THEIR FINEST. BOO, whatever, she's going to die alone.
ANNNND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Jenna Marbles has something to say.

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