Oct 4, 2011

Sweatpants on Campus? Yes or No?

If you are like me, you REFUSE to wear sweatpants on campus. I do not understand it, unless you are an athlete/kines major or dance major. I feel like if you take the time to lay an outfit out before you sleep, getting dressed takes like 5 minutes. There are people who are like "Wahhh I don't feel the same in morning." Umm, I don't feel like anything in the morning besides rushed. It seriously takes like less than a minute to throw on jeans.
What sparked this post was a photo album uploaded by Victoria's Secret. Not gonna lie, I love their sweats, but not for on campus. The album is supposed to be "stylish ways to wear their sweats." Not lying. I know what you are thinking, pics or it didn't happen:

That extra 3 minutes to throw on skinny jeans would have made this outfit a 9. It's a 6.
Really? This seriously made the photo album. SHES WEARING A ROBE. No.
Out of all of them, I actually like this.... UGH. BUT JEANS WOULD HAVE MADE IT BETTER.
Yea, this made the album too. Her hair is undid, her flats look busted. Props for the sequin sweater and cool bracelet. I give her a 6.
Photos VIA Victoria's Secret

Everyone gets like 2 allowances a semester to wear sweats to class. It might be finals or midterms. Life gets cray, I know. But not everyday, I can't wake up thinking "Oh guhhuh sweat pants kinda day guhuhuh."
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