Dec 30, 2011

Photolog: Rockets Game

SO last night I went to the Houston Rockets Basketball game. I'm not really a sports person but I went and had fun. We sat in the "red room" whatever that is. Basically it has tables and food LOL. We all know I like food, so I was happy.
Plate one. LOL.

We won, and played the Spurs.

So my new Favorite dessert is creme brulee. The tall glass was a lemon tart. OMG, me and my sweet tooth.
 StereoHoggz performed for halftime, they were OK. They need some serious work.... or to break up and be solo or a 3 person thing. Maybe it was just too much going on. BUT yea, it was cool to be fully HOUSTONIAN. I missed the H. Glad to be back :)
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