Feb 28, 2012

Alexandra Heitz Inspiration

I came across this article on teenvogue.com that has this amazing tour of Alexandra Heitz's apartment. I am looking for inspiration ideas because I am graduating in basically 2 months! Where will I be? Good question. I don't know.( Don't take that lightly, I have an idea.) But until then. I will look at these awesome photos of Alexandra Heitz cool NY Apartment.

I saw that Alice in wonderland book at Barnes and Noble and I want it! Im such a nerd.


Gabriele said...

oh wow i love her apartment..all the girly, pink details, the art pictures..beautiful, this inspired me as well!!! :)
Much love, Gabriele.xx

Emm said...

All this makes my desire to find a pot of gold stronger;)

Stefany said...

This is so inspiring.
I want to clean my room now :D

banana and mandarina said...

Beautiful inspiration! Makes me do my own flat brand new :), love the Buddha hat candle, really great design!


Valeria said...

Hi!!!! Thanks a lot for your comment and for following!!!! xo


Valeria said...

I've followed u back!

Miss Elisa K. said...

I am loving the pink!!!! So pretty. One day my cool NY apartment will look like that. And check out my next show. I give you a shout out at the end.

Darling Bonnie said...

ohhh Alexandra Heitz how Darling art thou?!? I love her apartment and ditto on that Alice and wonderland book, I am also a fellow nerd lol.
Darling Bonnie

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

*SIGH* Makes me want my own place!

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Confessions Of A City Girl

KENYETTA said...

i graduate in two months too! im so nervous but excited. Her apartment is aaaamazing.