Apr 15, 2012

Photolog V2.

Signed Marc Jacobs tee//senior pics///House of Blues Houston//Childish Gambinoooo// Danny Brown// GAMBINO?// Easter view from the Ranch// Gambino Shirt// Baby bird and current stack// Stop Kony Bracelet// I need an oil change.
Well, I am done interning and reflecting on the past few months of my life. The fashion show was the punctuation at the end of the sentence--an exclamation point. It may be the end of a sentence, but it's not the end of my book. Ahead of me; I have graduation, job hunting, networking. I am looking forward to returning to my regularly scheduled blogging regimen. I have so many plans, it's crazy. Just wait for the results, they speak louder than empty boasts.

P.S. Omg no food pictures like my last photolog!  And yes, the Gambino concert was a slice of heaven.
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