May 22, 2012

Beach Dreams

I want to go to the beach. It feel like it has been a long week, but it's only Tuesday. Had interview #2 yesterday. I'm playing the waiting game now. But while I wait I've been getting really cool emails for events and such. It's going to be a good summer.I've never been so positive about life, I guess once you spend the last 5 months of your life working for the devil, you really can take anything. I always say everything happens for a reason, and that experience definitely prepared me for life.
Beach Dreams

Bikini bathing suit
$20 -

Rockstar Sushi short shorts
£103 -

Platform boots
£30 -

Felix Rey straw beach tote
£215 -


And I know Music Monday should have been yesterday... But this Nadia Oh song is fab. Get the weekend started on Tuesday... BC I'M ON AN INFINITE SUMMERRRR.
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