May 10, 2012

Graduation Dresses

I am graduating in 2 days! I can't believe it. I am getting increasingly more excited about it. I already have my dress. It's simple, and I bought it at Plato's Closet. Its a champagne color, hits a little above the knee. Not too many people are going to see it... and like most of my other dresses, I am most likely going to wear it once. My only real stipulations were that it would be strapless and have pockets, CHECK AND CHECK. Oh and NOT BLACK! Pockets are for my phone, hayyyy. Live tweeting during Grad only because it is 2012.
I put together is polyvore of dresses that I think would be cute either worn to the ceremony because you're in it, or watching. It's Texas. Tis Hot. I am going to another ceremony before grad because I won an outstanding student award, so I am getting special honors. I won't wear my cap and gown to that event, so my dress is still a little formal to be able to be worn to both.
Graduation Dresses

Don't forget to bling out your grad cap! Or at least decorate it some. I did! Mine's a little blinged, but still simple-cute. Don't forget to check out my weekend wrap-up on Sunday to see photos :)
I took my only 2 finals yesterday AND I also took my graduate exit survey. Its almost complete.
Anyone want to HIRE ME? LOL, I'm pretty much amazing. Haha, but seriously, I am having a lot of fun applying and networking, all I know is... Life is going to be MORE awesome.
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