May 13, 2012

I Did It :)

I graduated yesterday! It was a long day for me since I went to an outstanding student ceremony before-hand but it was great. It was funny standing in gradline and being seated next to my freshman roommate, we were like; WHAT? It feels good to have a bachelors. I'm off to find a job... but oddly part of me kind of wants to go back to school. IDK what the future holds ever. I guess we'll see. It will all be here. I started this blog as a freshman in college. In may 2008 right after I graduated High School. It's cataloged everything from crazy suitemates,fashion trends, past jobs, internships, music,scholarships, and my biggest event to date; Graduating college.At the outstanding student ceremony Dr.White (the fashion chair) said that I might fight my niche in social media. She might be right.

SHSU Class of 2012 :)

You can't really see my cute shoes :/ The orange stole is the "stole of gratitude," My cords are ALD Honors cords. I also have an alumni pin on. My Hat only had blinged corners but a lot of girls went all out. My fave hat was some girl who made it look like minnie-mouse ears. AHHH I should have taken street style shots. WHAT WAS I THINKING?
PS. Happy Mother's Day! You can check out my Mother's Day Post on www.Jayswag.Com
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