May 20, 2012

Sunday Sundae

Forever21: Rick-rack top/Blue Pleated dress/earrings/headband//
Fossil: watch//Random Bracelets//Necklace from India.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to wear that Rick-Rack top I bought foreverrrr ago. I love this piece, it layers over dresses so well!I wrote about it in THIS POST, saying I wanted to put it over a red dress. I never found a red dress... LOL. But I have this cute blue one, and a pink dress that I have paired it with.
Oh and I got a new camera, that explains the better quality of that second photo. It was a grad present. I decided I wanted something in between a point and shoot and a full DSLR. This. Is.Perfect. Samsung W150F. I really needed something with better picture quality and that shot HD video. HD video was really important. It also lets you upload and access photo's through wi-fi, and has crazy editing filters. Im still learning how to use it but it's cool so far.
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