May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrapup, and A New Chapter Begins

On Saturday I finally had my Graduation party. It was such a long day, actually long week. I am finally getting some down time. I wore a cute fishtail dress with a orange and blue chevron print. I love it, super comfy.
My Ate Vergie made me this cool tree with pink grad caps and diplomas on it. It was really awesome.
Old and new friends + the Boyfriend were among the bajillion guests that came. Lots of food = Lots of presents. Mostly money and gift cards but haaaaayyyy, it was awesome.

The rest of my weekend consisted of other grad parties and a memorial day BBQ. Discovered the art of Bocce ball. Also was eaten alive by mosquitoes. Not to mention being harassed about what my next move is. I am still a brand ambassador for Stylitics (PS WE HAVE A CON-CALL WITH THE CMO OF TORY BURCH TONIGHT!!!) sooo in the mean time, I'm kinda doing something. Hoping to snag something new soon, I have the itch.
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