Jul 26, 2012

OOTD + Firmoo Readers !

How long have I been on the hunt for the perfect readers? Yes, I have perfect vision... But I love how smart I look with lenses on. Some people like different make-up or wigs... But I think glasses add something to my face. This company called Firmoo has lenses--PRESCRIPTION and FASHION LENSES-- with high quality, but at a low cost.

 With their "Free for New Buyer Program" you are able to get your glasses fooo freeeeee, just pay shipping. School is starting soon, so if you need an extra pair of quick glasses to keep around, I think this is really great! They also sell goggles and sunnies!!
 They also came with the hard and soft case, plus a dust cloth and repair screw driver with extra screws.
They have a delicate scroll design on the arms. Its not really noticeable when wearing them, but I think it adds a cute touch. They are linked here, but they have more to choose from.  If you are afraid to buy lenses without trying them on, YOU CAN UPLOAD A PICTURE OF YOUR FACE!!! How awesome is that? You can virtually try them on to get an estimate of how you will look in them. I wanted some lenses like this from Urban Outfitters. These Firmoo ones are more dense and came with cases, so they are automatically more awesome. They also were delivered in about a week, it came with tracking too.
I had a positive experience with these lenses and my mom wants a pair now. She actually has a prescription so I think I'm going to order a pair for her too. She always scratched or somehow misplaces her glasses so this is an inexpensive way to deter from losing her normal pairs that cost over $200. The only think I can say is the color of the glasses is darker in person. That's not a big deal, I happen to like the way they look. Don't forget about the first time buyer program, your first pair of lenses are free! You really can't beat that!
SHIRT thrifted | RED JEANS charlotte russe a few years back | FLATS lauren conrad ballet flats from Kohls. | PURSE new and adorable from expressions NYC. | WATCH from sendthetrend.com | random bracelets and rings | FIRMOO LENSES
This Item was sent to me by the company for review. 
These opinions are my own, so back up off me.
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