Jul 29, 2012

Weekend Wrapup: TDKR

I don't have a cool elaborate photolog this week. I did however FINALLY see The Dark Knight Rises. I'm not really into DC comics; but I like the Batman trilogy. He's not my favorite superhero... But it was a good storyline, and I liked the ending. There were a few plotholes and the movie could have easily been an hour shorter. I liked the introduction of Robin (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) because that leaves room for any sequels in the future.

What was my favorite thing about the batman movie? Surprise, I loved Anne Hathaway as catwoman! Her styling was top notch, and after her initial introduction as a cat burglar she got progressively sly and I loved it.

Last but not least... THE TOYS! The cars, motorcycle thing, flying car/helicopter hybrid thing = awesome. You have to go see it. I'm trying to talk about it without giving off any spoilers.

BONUS: Catwoman style inspiration.

Catwoman Inspired!

Shift dress / Peplum top / Straight jacket, $130 / Carven short skirt / Givenchy high heel shoes / Chanel handbag / Oliver Peoples round sunglasses

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