Aug 19, 2012

Lets Get Real.

Remember how much I hated my last internship? How I looked sickly because I lost like 10lbs as a result of being overworked and never getting a lunch break... or any breaks for that matter. NO? Ok. Well that happened.That place is long gone, I have a nice job in a corporate office. I get paid a salary, I have benefits and I'm spoiled by leisure and a soda fountain in the break room. I'm sure there are more causes to my recent weight gain, but I like to think it starts with my love of orange juice cocktail, cranberry blend, and diet coke. Sometimes regular coke just to keep me awake. I finally understand that 2:30 feeling old people talk about.
SO, yesterday before eating out for a friends gathering (full story below) I changed outfits like 92384924 times. I have not tried on something and seriously thought I looked fat, until yesterday. That was not a good feeling. I really haven't been exercising as often as I used to and it's time to start. I also need to cut out the wasted calorie drinks. I never used to drink sodas.
I'm going to introduce a bit of my workout/get healthy journey to my blog in the coming months.
Feel free to try to get healthy with me and share some cool tips too!

Foodie Poser Post ensues.
Can I talk about my last restaurant visit though? I went out last night to RDG + Bar Annie for my friend Grace's Birthday celebration. Thank God for Houston restaurant week. It was $35 for a 4 course meal. Its one of those places where you HAVE TO valet park your car, so for $35; it was a steal (Plus 5 of those dollars went to the Houston Food Bank). I started with BBQ salmon, but it was basically raw. I liked it though. Second course was an interesting spicy watermelon salad, it was accompanied by some sort of cheese (ZOMG I BET I SOUND LIKE THE BEST FOODIE RIGHT MEOW) that balanced so well together... I need it in my life more often. I generally don't even like pork, but I seriously had the best smoked pork loin ever. It even came with sweet potato fries. I finished off with rice pudding topped with mango and toasted pistachios. I didn't care for it too much, maybe because I was still amazed by how much I liked the smoked pork. They have a MalibuMara stamp of approval.
Only on my blog would I talk about working out and a big meal in the same post.
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