Aug 1, 2016

2016 OLYMPIC MAKEUP INSPO: Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Kit

August, the Sunday of summer. This year August marks the Summer Olympics in Rio. There has been a lot of controversy about the Olympics being held there since they announced Rio as the city that would be home to the games. Now that it is basically here I am interested to see how it will all pan out.
If you get really excited for Olympic season one fun way to show some love without screaming patriotism is wearing the Gold, Silver and bronze trend that is happening with makeup! There are a lot of great metallic colors out now that I want to try and the possibilities are endless with this palette.

2016 Olympics Inspiration

If you haven't heard Kylie is also releasing a birthday kit for her Birthday today! I am hoping to get my hands on her mini set for her lip glosses. For her birthday the whole collection is infused with real gold and will launch at 3pm. Everything is metallic and bronzy... this damn girl. She curated some great colors.

Leo $30
Lord $19
Poppin $16
Creme shadow $20
Kyliner $38
Makeup bag $42
Mini Matte $36 
Bundle $195

Hope this gave you more options than just repping your Country's colors! I like how subtle this can be. Happy Olympics :)
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