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Dec 26, 2017


I hope everyone has a very happy holiday break. I am very happy to be in Houston to celebrate with friends and family. With that being said, I am going to take a much needed hiatus. This past year has been kind of long for me and definitely different in terms of blogging and creating content. It has had peaks and valleys but I don't want to post for the sake of posting. 
This doesn't mean I am going to stop posting, but I am going to age this blog a bit. I started this site almost 10 years ago when I just graduated high school. Quite a bit has changed since then and I have some new projects that I want to grow outside of what was malibumara.blogspot.com 
Buying malibumara.com was a great step when I graduated college... but now I am looking for whats next. 

Dec 18, 2017


This post is sponsored by Eagle brand condensed milk. I have a sweet tooth, so having condensed milk on hand is a typical thing. You can use it for many baked goods including cheesecake, fudge and flan... but you can also use it to make a sweet beverage. 
All you need is 6 ingredients to try Eagle Brands version of condensed milk hot chocolate! Im wearing my sipping tea hat, but today, I'm sipping hot cocoa. In summer I might try the horchata mix, so we might come back to eagle brand. 

Dec 14, 2017

Clarins Christmas | Advent Calendar

We are winding down 2017 and December always seems so stressful. Even though its my birthday people are consumed with end of year wrap ups and Christmas/ other holidays. Have you heard of an advent calendar? They are a fun way to count down to the new year, typically done with chocolates... BUT CLARINS DID A VERSION WITH BEAUTY.
Advent calendars are traditional, but I grew up with advent candles. I like the aspect of remembering now only how close we are to Christmas (whatever Christmas means to you) and reflecting on each day. The Clarins advent calendar is valued at $218 but you can purchase it for $124. If you shopped during black Friday it was 20% off!
On black Friday I purchased a new bottle of double serum. I ran out but wanted to wait for black Friday to buy a new one. The 1.6 oz bottle retails for $122, so I really wanted to take advantage of the sale. The serum has since changed since I started using it!

I swear by this stuff and without it for about 1.5 weeks my face has broken out and gone insane. Its also very cold now and Double Serum saved me from looking dull. Moisturizer alone is just not enough for me. This is really funny because when I first started wearing serum I was concerned because my face was traditionally oily however my face has evened out a bit since then.
Pictured above is the new Serum (on the left) next to the old one (on the right). Both are 1.6 oz, but the pumping mechanism is so new! The top lets you decide if you need a big pump or a little pump of the serum and its a little easier to push down. It contains 21 plant extracts that target signs of aging within 7 days of use. It smooths, makes your skin radiant, firms, and evens skin tone. I have gone through my skincare routine before here. I might do an updated one next year.
There are so many new advent calendars out there I think its so cute Clarins puts one together every year.

Dec 10, 2017


God has blessed me with a sunny lead into my birthday week, straight contrast from last year's snow shit show. Regardless, its my birthday week, Jay-Z is performing ON my birthday, and NERD Lemon album drops Friday. I am channeling good vibes and working really hard to launch a new project I have been painstakingly working on the past few months!
In other major news, I put together my 2018 vision/mood board. In this photo is is incomplete. I have since added home decor inspo, saving money, and blogging inspo. I think its going to be a good year. As for right now, this is my current playlist:



Dec 4, 2017


Do you consider animal crackers cookies or crackers? Regardless, they are my favorite ever though I can only eat like 3 before feeling sick. My other favorite? Macarons. When i went to NY I stopped into Laudree and got my entire life. It was snowing, everything was quiet and super chic. I loved it. For cookie day, the idea of marrying the two is ICONIC. I need to try this recipe from Sarah Makes Stuff. It looks amazing.


Dec 3, 2017


I have always been a Bendel Fan, but this petrol collection is EVERYTHING. I currently carry a Kate Spade bag that I purchased shortly before leaving Texas and it has held up. I wear it every day and drag it around but it looks brand new. I used to try to buy a new bag every year. I don't need to, but my eye is on this collection. If it goes on sale I will consider it, the color is so slick. Its almost black so it will go with everything! 

Dec 2, 2017

HELLO DECEMBER | Everyone Nose

OK Blogmas is off to a slow start! Yes and no--but I can't talk about it yet.
What I can talk about is TODAY IS CANDLE DAY at Bath and Body Works. I only bought 4, mostly because I was upset that there was no additional coupon that would stack. If you have not gone to get you candles yet, go! They are my favorite and a house staple. I always have a candle on.
I have this thing with scents, I'm not sure why. A lot of them are tied to memory and a lot of them just make me happy. When Kim Kardashian announced she was releasing perfumes with a gardenia note I knew I had to have it.

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