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Dec 15, 2009

Simple as that, Simple as that For ya Simple Ass.

Haha, I have been listening to kid cudi again alot lately while stuDYING for F.I.N.A.L.S.
I came across this lookbook from the Olsens for their line Elizabeth and James SS2010.

They're stylish, i like their style, but they have little personality.

I love this, photo from olsens anonymous.


SOOOOOO, mini Break, so sad i know.
i HAVE TO study HARD CORE for ACCOUNTiNG to keep this B, i need at least a 73 on the final... harder than you think. OMG. so MAYBE a post tomorrow, but thats UNLIKELY, i'll be back THURSDAY night! for good! That is the day i come home to houston for the break!!!! God, i miss the city!!!!!


HipHopCulture said...

Dopeee post these pics go had. Marry kate and ashley loook good lol whats good anyways? peace

Unknown said...

wow this stuff is hot! good luck on finals

Anonymous said...

good luck on finals, and the clothes are hot. especially the twins's!

M.rolez said...

I love the olsen twins :D

Love your blogg is fantastic !

XXfrom spain

Kiera said...

haha im lovin all of those looks

and yea...texas is where its at

Trinity Allyn ♥ said...

- Hey I gave you a blog award! -
check it out: http://msztriin.blogspot.com/2009/12/blog-love-awards.html


Urban Fashionisto said...

I saw your post on diggy's blog. fire! I didn't know forever 21 had clothing like that. But thats probably because I have no reason to go in the store lol. Some dress look better than the ones that cost like $300. Also, I agree about the Olsens comment. I have not heard their voice in forever. They look sick 2. :-/ Also, I am looking at some possible colleges. Top choices FIT LIM Parsons Pratt USC Miami International University of Design and more. What do you think? and EXAMS SUCK!

1 Dope Kidd said...

yasss i love kid cudi's album its soo addictting lol
yes yes college students are on final mode lol
oh and your wlecomw
ps the lookbook is dope who doesn't love those twins!!


Toyin Lola said...

Ohkay i started reading and then all of a sudden i see SS-numbers and im like WHOA i cant read this i dont understand and i've seen it before on your blog with the rihanna one was it VMAs? but anyways i tried to play it off like it was a designer but i've seeing it alot and im just wondering what it means so maybe in the future i could use it? Or how to use it i know to me it sounds like math i hate math so therrefore i do not understand that i cant even guess except it might be a year? yea um sorry for the long post but i know your like the only one who replies to comments which is so cool :)


Toyin Lola said...

Ohh and i love the title, im very simple but this post was to difficult for my simple ass :D

juliana said...

i love olsen twins. both very stylish.

Anonymous said...

i have also been listening to cudi alot lately. cant stop hes a beast.

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