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My Name is Mara. I am the founder, creator, and voice of  malibumara.com. I share everything from my day to day lifestyle, personal style, food, cars, and music. I have been blogging since college where I studied fashion merchandising. This blog was born in my dorm room, where I all did was dream of being a buyer at a major company while everyone around me told me I was unrealistic.
Many years later my career in merchandising has led me to Portland, Oregon where I now work in sneaker silicon valley (the brand with the 3 stripes). 
A long the way I have learned that life is too short to say no to adventure and be unhappy. The purpose of my blog is to share things that I think are cool and make me happy, in hopes that maybe it will make you happy too.
I apparently live my whole life being "unrealistic." I hope that people who read my blog aspire to dream big and then act on those dreams. I also hope that people find my blog as a cool escape to check out something that they might have never seen or heard of before. My whole life I have been the one to spot the next trend, or hear the next band / artist, or share the biggest news first. My blog is a way to share that stuff, but also keep a cool journal for myself. 

I have lived in Houston basically my whole life and have recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. If you have any business inquiries please note I am now based in Portland. I would love to collaborate as long as your brand is a great fit for me and my followers!

To contact MALIBUMARA you can email her at malibumara@gmail.com or contact her through twitter @malibumara.

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