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Aug 31, 2015

HEB | September Primo Picks

If you aren't familiar HEB posts primo picks each month to help introduce products that might not be familiar or are new and really exciting. September's theme is tailgating! Im super excited because its almost football season and that means its time to prepare cool snacks and host Texan's watch parties. In honor of them winning against the Saints in preseason today we decided to make some Texas shaped burgers and easy snacks. 
For these burgers I picked out some Lean 90/10 HEB ground sirloin and mixed it with Chupacabra rub. I molded them together with this fun Texas shaped mold. 
Since they are thin I was able to sear them 5 minutes on each side with some oven baked HEB fries. 
My other easy favorites from this month's Primo Picks were the Sea Salt Pretzel Chips and Salt and cracked pepper flavored Pistachios. This platter was meant for me, but if you were entertaining HEB has you covered for as many guests as you desire.  

Get your tailgate on with these fun options at HEB. You will be the coolest person if you serve Texas shaped Burgers. 

PS: Be sure to download the HEB App, they have digital (and printable) Coupons for additional savings. 

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by HEB I was sent products for review as well as compensation. All opinions are truly my own. Sponsors make possible so please join me in thanking our sponsors.



Aug 28, 2015

Fall Colors, I don't think I'm ready for fall.

It started with arbitrary back to school items. I might have also picked up something pumpkin flavored at the grocery store this week.  I can't fight it. August is the Sunday of summer and that means fall is around the corner.
As I soak up these last few weeks of Texas heat I have 3 September issues on my coffee table begging to be digested. So what am I into this fall?

Fall Colors That I Love

So far its a mix of hard and soft. Im not sure if that is outside of my realm (its not) but Baby pink and military green are the new Baby pink and Gray. That and being very busy are my fall theme.



Aug 23, 2015

I am Busy Bando: Back to School Planner

No, I'm not going back to school but I do have a school supply obsession and have some fun things to share with you now that kids are getting back into the swing of a routine. I have been through it, and now my dread of the B2S season is knowing that traffic gets so awful the day kids go back. Summer commutes in the city are pretty manageable, but taking and hour and a half to drive 15 miles should be illegal!
I may not be in school but I have lots of Work and Blog things to keep track of. I decided to get a new 16 month planner and this is the PERFECT planner. I'm so obsessed with the colors, stickers, cute notes and drawings. There is a ton of space on each weekly section to write out plans and meetings as well. Like I said, its basically the perfect planner.

Aug 18, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up:Kevin Hart Stand-up

Saturday was spent laughing at Kevin Hart. I wish I had better photos but there was a no photo rule and they were pretty serious about kicking people out! My cheeks hurt really bad and I'm pretty sure I died laughing. What Now will be another filmed comedy tour that will release next October. It goes without saying we will definitely be seeing the movie too. 
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