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Oct 5, 2015


So basically, last Friday Erykah Badu slayed my life. I tweeted and even instagramed this song, so now its making it's appearance on the blog. I'll be traveling again. Hi Orlando, I haven't seen you in about 10 years.


Oct 2, 2015

Good Eats: ecoLife Brown Basmati Rice

A favorite meal in our household is basically a knock off of chipotle burrito bowls. ecoLife sent me some basmati rice and it was the perfect way to try it. Not like I needed an excuse to make these...
This time around I cooked my rice via rice cooker, but next time I will try the stove method. I generally use a rice cooker when making rice and this rice does not stick to the cooker! It has a light texture and since it is brown rice, its a little better for you than traditional white rice. 

Bunch of Cilantro
2 Tomatos
1/2 cup Corn
1/4 cup Onion
1/2 cup Black Beans
Sour Cream
Mexican Cheese
Prepare your chicken in the oven. You can season it however you want, I think I season mine however I feel like at the moment. 
I prepared my rice in the rice cooker! I'm a girl on the go so it works for me. 
To prepare the salsa toppings just cut the tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and combine with the black beans, corn and some lime juice. Add salt if needed. 
When the chicken and rice are cooked layer the rice into the bottom of your plate. Layer your chicken on top of the rice. I decided to cut my chicken into cubes, but you can shred or just plate your chicken! Add your salsa topping, then place sour cream and cheese on top.  
According to ecoLife: ecoLife® Organic Quick Cook Brown Basmati Rice hails from the rural farms of India. Our premium quality, naturally aged brown rice is cultivated in the  Punjab region at the foothills of the Himalayaswhere authentic basmati rice is grown. The organic soil is fed by melted snow under natural conditions. The integrity of the grain is maintained via a hydration process where the raw grain is gently scratched, steamed, and rolled. This produces the same great texture, nutrition, and taste but reduces the cooking time t o just 12 minutes. 

I also like how big this bag of rice is, I think this should hold us over a little bit longer. I might have a few more good eats to share!

*This item was given to me for review by ecoLife. All opinions are my own, thank you for partnering with me on this post. Without sponsors this blog is not possible.


Oct 1, 2015


Photos by +KB. Photography


Sep 30, 2015

Joe V's Opening in Houston

Today the 7th location of Joe V's Smart Shop has opened in Houston. I had the pleasure of touring the space with Joe V himself to get a deeper look into the chain. Joe V's is a division of H-E-B and has been around for 5 years. Joe V's can be known for its low prices, great shopping experience and fresh products. They get 7 day deliveries, so that let's you know what you pick up on the shelf is a quality product.

A lot of people has different misconceptions with Joe V's Smart Shop. This store offers a cost conscious selection of items that include a mix of name brands and HEB store brands. There is also quality meat and seafood in addition to the fresh produce and bakery. What I admire is the staff of actual butchers that cut and grind the fresh meat daily. Don't forget the organics section, this location has a wall of organic produce and yes, at a way better price than Whole Foods.

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