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Oct 24, 2016


Tobi gave me the chance to review some of the cute dresses on their site. I already was a Tobi fan so this is great! In these photos I am wearing the Emily Embroidered Maxi Dress. This would look cute with a leather jacket or even a black cape jacket for the fall! It is super hot in Texas so this is working out just fine. 
Tobi is a cute design label from LA that has a great private label of jumpsuits, tops, dresses and body suits. I have worn them a few times so this was a great collab. 
Also, you didn't think I would leave Houston without one more major project? KB Photography and I have had a vision of making me levitate for a long time. If you are fortunate to be in Texas, he is based in San Antonio and is very talented.


Oct 18, 2016


My favorite skincare line hands down is Clarins. I am impressed with their science and purpose when it comes to products and have blogged about them many times. My skincare routine has been pretty simple:

1) Wash my face with L'Oreal GO 360 scrub. I love how it comes with a little scrublet! I really only break out if I am super stressed or eat really badly.
2) After washing my face I apply Clarins Double Serum. I apply this by patting the product onto my face with the palms of my hands. I generally don't apply this to my tzone unless I am going to sleep. I concentrate on the rest of my face and my chin and mouth, I get pretty dry there and I'm not sure why. Serum is the strongest product you apply to your face so I apply it first.
3) I apply my favorite Clarins Eye Cream with my middle finger concentrating on the bags under my eyes and my upper lid on the brow bone. I don't have crows feet or anything but I apply it to prevent any.

4) I finish with Day or Night cream depending on if it is day or night. I have talked about both creams in this blog post. These particularly have great features like SPF, anti pollutant, stress flighting, anti aging, etc.

SO WHAT IS MY NEW STEP? YOU GUYS, CLARINS HAS BOOSTERS THAT YOU CAN ADD TO ANYTHING! They suggest, serum, day cream, foundation and mask. I personally either mix with serum or my cream. You just add 2-5 drops into whatever you are mixing and you are good to go.
Repair is great if you have sunburn. I will keep this in the arsenal for future refrence. It also helps in extreme climates so intense cold might work well too. Only time will tell. 
Detox is great if you have over indulged in anything bad, if you have been around pollutants or have just eaten bad this is a great way to detox your skin. 

This is the one I use often, Energy boost is great for me. This helps combat late nights, hectic lifestyles, jet lag, and exhaustion. I see this being used a ton my first week in PDX.

So many steps. But so worth it in the end.  I started moisturizing when I turned 2, when I turned about 24 or 25 I started doing this Clarins routine. I have great genes but stress can really age you fast, it doesn't matter what your genes are.
How do you take care of your skin?



Oct 15, 2016


This year Fashion X came to Houston to present an amazing 4 days of runways, charity, and local shopping sponsored by Cadillac. I attended night one because I am super busy getting my life together! It was also great to run into a few of the wonderful girls in my community of Bloggers. I am really going to miss going to events with them! It is really unique in a space like blogging to find a group of girls that are willing to support and collaborate with each other. A lot of people are very egotistical about blogging, so I am thankful to have found a group of girls that aren't like that!
Night one consisted of shows from Miles David, Jimmy Burner, SixChel, This is Sloane, Rask, Daniel Esquivel, Sean Kelly and Mysterious by NPN. Daniel Esquivel and Sean Kelly are designers that have been on Project Runway. Local Designers included Miles David (David Peck), Jimmy Burner (OMG he is 17! So talented) and Mysterious by NPN. Nicholas the designer behind Mysterious by NPN also was the Bernina Fashion Fund Award Recipient. He received two awesome sewing machines! I saw him a couple years back at Artopia and he is still as innovative and impressive. 
This is Sloan is a designer from Austin, she debut her first collection at 19. 
Rask was full of really cool denimwear. The designers are two sisters from New York.
THIS WAS EVERYTHING! Mysterious by NPN was so beautiful.  

And thats a wrap! It was a good night of shows and Silver Street was a smart place to have it. Glad I got to attend a one last fashion show before I move :)

I'm also wearing one of my favorite dresses from TOBI! It is the ADRIANA WRAP DRESS. Tobi sent it along with a couple other dresses to share with you all. You are going to DIE when you see the maxu dress.



Oct 14, 2016


Having a hard time with this election? My vote is for Hello Kitty! Ok, no not really BUT Hello Kitty is coming to Houston and is bringing her running mate and lots of goodies with her!
Remember the Hello Kitty food truck I have visited 4 times now? She is coming AGAIN on her campaign trail with a limited edition election cookie!
The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck will support the pop icon’s candidacy with a specially designed Hello Kitty for President cookie available through Election Day. The super limited edition frosted cookie will be limited to only 50 per stop. Guests who purchase the special cookie will receive a free bumper sticker at these select locations:

10/1/16 -          Atlanta, GA at Atlantic Station
10/8/16 -          Tampa Bay, FL at International Plaza
10/15/16 -        Boca Raton, FL at Town Center at Boca Raton
10/22/16 -        Miami, FL at Dadeland Mall
10/29/16 -        Orlando, FL at Florida Mall
11/5/16 -          Houston, TX at Woodlands Mall
I really want a bumper sticker! I'm really surprised this wasn't the focus at comic con, Peanuts made a huge pop up store for Snoopy for President. This would have been perfect, I wonder why they were kind of late rolling this out. None the less, it is available now and the perfect relief for this ridiculous 2016 election.  Im here for the friendship party, with everyone running why is Hello Kitty the least ridiculous option?

You can view more info here!


Oct 13, 2016


Lately I have been seeing pops of metallic in stores and it is becoming my favorite thing right now. I went to the thrift store to see if I could snag a metallic skirt! I found the perfect one but it was wayyyy to big. I did however find two shirts and a sweater that fit this trend perfectly.

Would you wear this trend?

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