Jul 22, 2014


The most unique fashion show at the Bridal Extravaganza was the South Asian show with authentic custom wedding designs. In the picture above, the lady on the left is an actual bride wearing her actual dress. I loved the colors and the culture with these outfits! Everything was so ornate and luxurious.

Anyone want to invite me to a South Asian wedding? Thanks in advance :)


Jul 21, 2014


If you recall, I've been all about the Houston Bridal Extravaganza. I'm not getting married anytime soon but give me an excuse to act like a princess and try cake all day and I'm there! My favorite booth in general was the Over The Top booth. They specialize in linens. As a fashion major, I have a small obsession with fabric and textures. I AM OBSESSED with some of the things they do. Keeping them in mind! Lace, sequins, polka dots, stripes-- whatever it is they are awesome and have it.
There were lot's of flowers everywhere that I just wanted to take home with me!
OMG, cake! So many samples. I learned I love almond cake.  I guess its worth mentioning I a posing with a giant Cake dress.Yes, that is cake. 
Who Doesn't love a green wall? NEED.

STAY TUNED, The finale of the Bridal Extravaganza was an AMAZING Asian Bridal show. I DIED.

Jul 20, 2014


The summer 2014 Bridal Extravaganza was from June 19th-July 20. Natalie Harris designer of Damsel White Label showed on Saturday and I had the awesome pleasure of seeing her. Natalie Harris is a Houston based designer mixing edge with class, this show was definitely for the modern bride.  Grace Kelly meets Gwen Stefani? Sounds like the perfect pair for inspiration.  I love the mix of prints and colors in this collection. She even sublimates designs to provide details in some of her fabrics. Talk about innovation! She mixes great textures and colors. I love it. 

Be sure to check out more of her designs online: http://www.natalieharrisdesign.com/index.html
AND CLICK MORE to see photos from her booth and show:

Jul 19, 2014

WEEKEND WRAP-UP: Travel Diaries

If you follow me elsewhere you saw that I ventured into Salt lake City, Utah for work. It was only 3 days but it was a fun little visit that I don't think I would normally have made if it wasn't for work. So, in my real life I'm an assistant apparel buyer so I had to work on designs for next spring with one of my favorite vendors. In between work they were nice enough to show us parts of Utah life, because lets face it, Houston is pretty boring.
We went to a cute little resturant called La Calle that was seriously the most gorgeous and magical place on earth. It is covered in flowers and roaming peacocks. Yes, peacocks roam around. I died. The food was really good but I wasn't feeling very well so I couldn't eat as much as I normally would. My eyes are forever bigger than my stomach. 
I tried to screenprint a shirt. In short, I'm really bad at screen printing. I was trying to get my Nigo/Bape on but that wasn't happening. 
Can I get a window seat?
Yess, I still go to the gym when I travel, why not? 
I found a Bansky piece. I DIED. I have only seen one other but I didn't get a photo. I look so small LOL, but Banksy is awesome. I still die at the fact that I found this. 
3 words. Draft. Root. Beer. YES, if I could have that regularly I would be a very overweight girl. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST IN MY FAKE DAREDEVIL CHRONICLES, I went to Olympic park and did Olympic bobsledding. Like literally the actual track that was in the 2002 Olympics. I think we got up to 67 mph. It was a rush but I don't think I would do it again. I would rather zip line or something LOL. But I can cross it off my bucket list. Yay for summer experiences.


Jul 18, 2014

FASHIONABLY FIT: Tory Burch fitbit

My next purchase is going to be..... a Fitbit. I was trying to decide between the Jawbone, Nike fuelband and Fitbit. The fuel band is very bulky and I have baby wrists so it doesn't work for me. I really like the rose gold edition of it but it doesn't make sense, I also am very android so I couldn't connect.The jawbone is actually really adorable. I love how small it is and its actually really similar to the Fitbit. I think the only other thing the jawbone does is it has an interface that allows you to track calories. I don't care about that stuff so that is partially why I'm leaning toward the Fitbit.

Silicon housing units for the FitBit Flex are $38

The fitbit flex was already cute, but Tory Burch just made it more desirable. Miss Tory dropped some housing units for the fitbit flex so you can track your health in style. I am concerned with knowing how many steps I take and my sleep patterns. I think I don't sleep a lot so I think this will be a cool way to track myself. It also vibrates to wake you up with an small vibration.You can wear it 24/7 and yes, this includes the shower.
If you are in the market for something Posh (as I usually am) you can opt for a jewelry form to house your flex. I LOVE THIS.

Not really something I would wear at the gym but to track my life at work or in situations when I don't want to be dressed up with a silicone band on, this is awesome! The necklace is so cute. Again, my baby wrists will probably prevent the use of the bangle :(