Feb 22, 2015


In true Texas fashion, in the same week you can go from 80 degree weather to less than 30 degree weather. This is one of those weeks and today is a 30 degree day. My closet is forever confused. All I can think about is S U M M E R. Over the weekend I purchased tickets to San Diego Comic Con, so California, we are coming for you!- Part 2.

Sunglass Hunting,,,

Ksubi retro glasses

Wildfox round glasses
$215 - thehut.com

C√ČLINE square glasses

Balenciaga glasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Obviously I am in love with my aviators. All last summer I was all about my flash lens raybans in green. I wore them on literally every vacation I went on. The flash lenses that I had are becoming a new trend and more people are getting them so I want to try something new this year.
Besides aviators the Lucite lens is another favorite. It's just hard to find one that doesn't look cheap!
Le sigh.
I'll keep you posted on what I find!

Feb 21, 2015


I finally tried table 57 in the new HEB and I must say I am pretty impressed. First off, I only buy groceries at HEB so when they asked me to come visit I didn't hesitate. They just opened up a new HEB down the street from my office so I am excited about how soon I can go to happy hour and get random groceries after work!

I went on Friday and with it being lent I had to try non meat options. I am already obsessed with the lobster salad which is a lobster on a bed of FRIED GREEN TOMATO (this is two of my favorite things you guise... two of my favorite things at one time. ) and a fried oyster toastada. During happy hour, tostadas are only $2!
They even serve brunch and the menu even goes into a full range of BBQ meats that you can buy by the lb including amazing sides. Everything looked great so I see myself going by multiple times to eventually try the whole menu.
If you are near the Galleria Area in Houston Drive further down to San Felipe and visit the areas newest HEB and Table | 57  :)


Feb 16, 2015


After turning 25 and working a  job that leaves me constantly stressed I was wondering which direction to go when it came to skincare and taking care of myself. I take vitamins and buy affordable skincare but its hard to tell what products are actually made of and if they are actually good for you. I have naturally acne prone skin so I always am realllly scared to try new things.
Thankfully Clarins invited me to a lovely beauty event with celebrity stylist Dayan Herrera and he did a LOVELY job describing the entire line, application, and then gifted us everything!
Dayan Herrera displaying how to use the eye concentrate on fellow blogger Shasie.
Safe to say, I have a new routine. What I really like is not only do these products have natural ingredients and extracts, they also have anti-pollution properties. Did you know that pollution leaves your skin looking dull!You don't have to tell this city girl twice! The Restorative Day Cream and UV protection are my go to products right now.
MORE FUN, Clarins has a beauty line. I switched to the Clarins blush Prodige and never looked back.
The Garden escape makeup line features my already mentioned new favorite blush, but also an interesting Green eyeliner! I walked away with almost 10 new lip colors and my go to is currently coral. There was so much product I can't cram it into one post, I am going to share some makeup looks with it!
I also want to thank Clarins for gifting me with this line as well as sending a car service to come pick me up and take me to this event! I am loving all of the products and can't wait to see the effects the anti-pollutant and anti-aging has on me. I also can't wait to create more fun looks with all my new colors!

Feb 14, 2015


HAVE  A HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE, thank God for the weekend AND NBA Allstar.... AND NYFW!
Crazy week you guys but I see some the light, back to our regularly scheduled posting will begin on Monday! I have an awesome post on some Clarins products and event I went to.


Feb 9, 2015


Fueled by Kombucha I have been packing/unpacking/cleaning. Everyday I feel like I wake up running. Like a zebra in the wild I really feel like every day I am running for my life. I honestly can't breathe until March. LE SIGH.
There is a lot swirling around in my life off the internet so please forgive my random gaps in posting. I moved into a new place, trying to clean out my old place and trying to figure out when I can fit in turning my old keys after finishing cleaning, business meetings and dinners, blog events, not to mention the ridiculous work load caused by picking up unnecessary responsibility and requests. Not to mention that a rock cracked my windshield and it needs to be replaced soon, oh and taxes.... Its one of those times. LAWD JESUS take the wheel.
At least enjoy these 2 images I shot a few weekends ago with the ladies of DrippedHTX. Apparently purple lips are what happen when you ask for a nude/natural looking face. LOL, that was an interesting day.