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Aug 21, 2017


It's 2017 and people are super excited about "The Great North American Eclipse." Im gonna have a Kanye moment and say, 2017 Imma let you finish, but the 2024 Eclipse will be the Greatest Eclipse of all time. Not because it can be seen from Texas... But because totality will last almost 5 minutes there! Plus, all of hill country falls in the path of totality, how amazing would it be to watch this from Marfa?

Ok but seriously, it's Eclipse day and I will be working from home. The news and co-workers made it seem like traffic will be insane, so I want to avoid as much as possible. An email was sent that basically gave everyone the Ok, so I am ready to work from home! I will be taking a break to see some of the eclipse from my living room, but in all honesty its not my cup of tea. A lot of people are getting camp sites to see this thing... and that's just not for me. It's cool that temperatures drop and all of the other weird phenomena that happens... I'm just not super excited about it.
2024 Eclipse!

It is cool the band of totality is 70 miles wide! That is so narrow, so it is cool to be a part of that. What is totality? That means total eclipse. Most locations will only be able to view a partial eclipse, they will not see the moon fully in front of the sun and will not experience the sudden drop in temperature... even animals wake up thinking that it's night time, day birds become quiet as well because they think its time to go to sleep.

It's crazy! Be sure to use your eclipse glasses if you want to view this event! You really can damage your eyes, your eyes lack the sensory that lets you know that they are being damaged or hurt... so it will be too late when you notice the effects. Keep your glasses on until totality and put them back on as the moon starts to move back.


Aug 18, 2017



FASHBACK. Fashion flashback. Can we talk about 90's fashion? I know the grunge Cobain/denim thing was a trend but 90's urban is having a moment. People keep talking a lot about culture and now that I work at a giant that is pivotal in fashion at this moment I've become hypersensitive to the lack of diversity in certain places (including where I'm at). Jay-z talks about this in this first interview since 4:44 released. We are the culture, but we are not apart of the machine behind it, but I don't know why. I always see the quote that says "they love our culture but they don't love us"... and I totally get it. Urban culture really influences everything, it's why hip-hop is now the largest consumed form of music in America right now, it's where streetwear trends are born and even popular vernacular. All I can say is, it's kind of like the wizard of oz. I'll tell this story one day, but for now.... Can I share amazing inspo from the 90's?
NSYNC was really out here wearing fubu

Aug 14, 2017


I've been watching a lot of DIY youtubers and youtube videos and kept seeing people revamping their stuff with bleach. We got these free shirts are work and I saw that someone had bleached theirs and I thought, "wow, what a great idea!" This only works with 100% cotton tees, so be to only do this on cotton or it will not work.
I went to the dollar store and grabbed one spray bottle and one small thing of bleach. I don't use bleach on my laundry so I had to run out and buy these things!
There are many methods to the bleach tee I went for the easy one:


Aug 7, 2017


This post has taken me soooo long but I wanted to be sure to also share how amazing our Hotel stay was. Our first year at comic con will be hard to beat just because it was the first one and our hotel was really amazing. It was on the waterfront with the marina view and we were upgraded to a really cool modern suite with a wrap around balcony.
The next two years we not as lucky, but this year was really cool!

We stayed at the San Diego Courtyard Marriot in Downtown (503 broadway). We were so close that we were able to walk to the convention! Most of the hotels (especially if you book through Onpeak with Comic-Con) have free shuttles from your hotel and the center that run every 15-30 minutes. Our hotel technically had a shuttle but I always walked where I wanted to go. It was within walking distance of Horton Plaza (the really lack luster mall) and Spreckles (where Conan is filmed).


Aug 2, 2017


This isn't one of those annoying blog posts made just to place a bunch of style collective links. I honestly just was on the website and found a ton of cute things that I wanted to share with you all. I know fast fashion is cheap and wasteful, but if you are interested in a trendy look I think Zara, HM and F21 are great places to grab that one seasonal item. A secret: I actually have never stepped foot inside a Forever21 since I moved to Portland. I went to one recently when I went to San Diego, but I have never been to one in Portland. I haven't really bought clothes lately outside of work and a few random things I ordered off shein or got at target. Regardless, strolling through the interwebs I came across these awesome finds that I wanted to share!
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