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Oct 18, 2018


Every year I want to try this trend but I feel like it doesn't look good on me. This year I strolled to the thrift store and picked up the most perfect corduroy jacket with shearling trim collar and really cute corduroy cropped pants from H&M. I'm not sure how I fell in love with this texture but I am finally happy with a few f the items I have found! 
Corduroy is popping up in different sizes and so many fall colors. So technically, corduroy is just a tufted form of velvet, together layered the textures make your fall outfits pop! Maybe I just needed the right inspo, I might have been wearing it all wrong before. The cropped H&M pants I purchased are so perfect I kind of want a second pair because they are the most comfortable and best fitting pant I think I own. It's done, I'm on the hunt for a black version. 

XO- Tamara Altair


Oct 3, 2018


I ran to New York for about 40 Hrs and tried to make the most of it. Even though most of it was for work I did hit up a cute restaurant, soho house and the glossier showroom. I'm kind of shocked I didn't grab macarons from Laduree or anything from Dominic Ansel. I need to just go for like 5 days on my own.

I did go to the glossier showroom so all was right with the world. Its in a penthouse in SOHO with a line in the front so you know its hype. You take an elevator up where everything is laid out to test. Then you order on an ipad and the pick and pack in their signature packaging and call your name when its done. I kind of wish more stores were like that. It was super simple and so pretty.... so pretty I'm redoing my bathroom to be glossier inspired. (it's extra, I know)

I ended up watching 4 movies on my total 11 hr airtime flying coast to coast:
Fahrenheit 451
Call me by your name
Love, Simon
Ready Player One
And as a bonus I finished American Vandal season 2.
I recommend them all. I cried watching Love, Simon on the plane. It was so sweet.

I only took ONE pair of sneakers and they were my most understated pair:

I present... Samba Rose.

And thats it. My New York minute. Also, why is NY so expensive? I would LOVE to live there but chile...


Sep 24, 2018


Alright, when fall/winter rolls around I honestly want nothing more than to curl up on my couch with tea, read or binge. Its cold, its dark, I just like to recharge from a long day and get into a good show or two... Here are five.
Insecure has 3 seasons and is on HBO. Don't have HBO? Neither do I, I have the HBO NOW app that I honestly only subscribe to when insecure is on... when its off I get rid of it. I'm sure HBO doesn't appreciate it but they are working on new series that might keep me around year long in the future. For now, Issa and her antics are hilarious and real. The only complaint I have about this show is that it is only 30 minutes and the seasons are so short. Its hella funny though! My Sunday is made so much better by this show. I always get a laugh in. 
After they killed Wes I was like, "What's the point in watching this now?" I am still into it. I think I'm invested in all the characters. YES, some of them make stupid ass decisions but I am addicted. Is Bonnie ok? Will homegirl get her baby back? And why is her dad trash? Who is that new guy that is cute that is obviously the eye candy to replace Wes? 
Riverdale might be my guilty pleasure. Based on the Archie's comic, this dark twist is so juicy but soooo good. We left season 2 with Archie getting arrested. Season 3 begins with him in court. Toni Topaz is now a series regular, dating Cheryl now, I figured we would see her more. My complaint about season 2 was we kind of forgot about Polly and that she was preggo. I hope they show Polly again because she was kind of important to season 1, weird that she was left out so much season 2. Dark noir theme, perfect for spooky szn. 
Need a funny show to take your mind off of real life? Netflix Vandal is HILARIOUS. True crime is such a popular theme and I am not the biggest fan. I dip in here and there, but its not the only genre I consume. AV takes the seriousness of true crime but applies it to absurd high school pranks. Its all scripted but OMG I die. This season is the Turd burglar. Just watch it!
Oldie but goodie. Perfect for spooky szn but yes, its gory and cringy, but its so good. This season is supposed to mix murder house and coven and coven was my favorite season ever. I am waiting to get to the Coven shit because that was EVERYTHING. AHS just screams spooky szn.


Sep 22, 2018


You know, I might have bought some cute decor, febreeze harvest scents, bath and body works fall candles, and hot cocoa. Its spooky SZN. Its flu SZN. ITS FALL.
It's also time for seasonal depression to tag team my normal depression... so theres that.  Do you have a fall to do list?
Things I want to do this fall:
1) Get a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch
2) Corn Maze Cabaret
3) One last coast trip
4)Make a new vision board
5)Read 5 Books
6) Make Banana bread
8) Throw a 90s themed halloween party

Are you ready for Autumn? I wasn't but... here we are.
-XO Tamara Altair

Sep 9, 2018

Ashlee Simpson Style Log.

Over the begining of summer I rewatched the Ashlee Simpson Show and I got my life. Not sure why high school me was so obsessed but I was. I had no clue she had a NEW show coming out but sis has been around promoting it and SHE LOOKS GREAT. She's also serving as body goals because I am trying to lose weight and she's had like 5 kids and looks grand.

Her blazer, co-ord sets are everything. BRB, adding blazers to my thrift list. I am here for this.
Her new shoe Ashlee and Evan is on E! and premiered on Sun Sep 9. Her and her husband are working on new music and are just so cute, I am excited to watch the show and see more of her style.
I am bringing the 00's back.


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