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Jul 25, 2017


If you witnessed my slow descent into depression during winter, you heard my only source of happiness was watching random shows on Viceland. Desus and Mero have been a comedy source of mine for years now and since I just leave my TV on I have discovered many other interesting people and shows on the network!

The viceland offsite is easily my favorite of the con just because it was for the culture. The DJ was really good, they handed out so much swag and snacks. The bus was stocked with la croix and rose. I feel like I had to be filmed taking handfuls of stickers, pins, candy and whatever else they had out. My obsession is real. Regardless, it was a chill atmosphere and hilariously themed for their newest show "What Would Diplo* Do? " If you look closely at the marketing, the real Diplo is nowhere to be found. The "*" is for James Vanderbeek! He is trolling the world so hard with this show and on social media. It doesn't help that Diplo is even playing along!
Every year there is always talk of how crowded the floor is and how the San Diego convention center is too small to hold everyone. Weather wise I don't see a better city than San Diego to hold this experience, but Vegas or Orlando are probably way better equipped to do it. Besides the convention center nearby hotels and petco park were home to extended offsites to explore more into our favorite shows and movies. The one I regret not experiencing is the Netflix offsite! This was their first year with a dedicated presence and they really showed off and probably won in terms of best booth and offsite and free swag. Many girls were dressed at Eleven and it blows my mind how much of a force Netflix really is. They do not release any rating or revenue earnings but judging but the fandom and what they presented, they are doing very well. The future of television for sure. 

Stay tuned, I'll cover a few more activations and offsites tomorrow! Comic-Con is so interactive, I can't believe everything we cover in just four days.

Jul 24, 2017

San Diego Comic-Con | Conan Con

I don't have a long dramatic flight story for this year's Comic-Con (at least on the way to San Diego). After roaming around Wednesday we spent Thursday looking to get our Conan on! We went 2 years ago. It was Conan's first time bringing his show to San Diego and it was a slept on / unknown event. We went to two showings and like previously mentioned each audience goes home with a limited edition Funko Pop. We took home the Flash! I wanted to trade our extra one but had no takers. 

The guests for our show was the cast of Ninjago the new logo movie. The trailer looked really funny and the cast made me laugh several times throughout their interview. We sat a little futher back than we did the first 2 times we saw Conan but Spreckles is so small there really isn't a bad seat. 
Picking up our tickets at the Box Office!

So how do you get Conan tickets for Comic-Con?
1) Make a 1iota account and fill out the profile completely, do not forget the log-in info.
2)If you are a badge holder keep an eye out about 4 weeks before the Con. CCI will typically email with a special code and an early link letting you know that tickets are available on 1iota to request. TBH I don't know if the code helps you or not, every year I see a mix of badge holders and non badge holders. 
3) I have better luck when I request as soon as possible when the link becomes available. You will be automatically wait listed until 1iota closes the request links. I was told you can only request 4 shows at a time which typically works out perfect because there are only 4 nights of Conan shows. This year the schedule got tricky, and this is how I got tickets. I requested all 4 night to no avail but Saturday was listed as waitlist even after Wed- Fri was already sent confirmations. Randomly 1iota added a second Thursday night show and I happened to be on twitter when it was announced. I requested the ticket BUT remembered to delete an older request because you can only have four! About 24 hours later I got confirmation for the Thursday night show. They had to cancel Saturdays show (and never really explained why) but it worked out for us. 
4) Print your confirmation and be sure when you go to pick up tickets that ALL MEMBERS of you party are with you. If you request 4 tickets, you must show up as the group of 4 to receive the tickets. 
5) The box office typically opens at 9 and I honestly suggest arriving close to the time the box office opens. The line will be long but it moves quickly once the office opens up. They say the tickets are in a random order but I'm always around the 200th person in line and end up seated in the orchestra section. I also heard on twitter people with 1iota confirmed tickets got turned away for my Thursday show because it over sold, people were arriving to the box office around 1pm, so GO EARLY. 

This year, due to everything that happened both Thursday waitlists were cancelled. It is possible to arrive VERY EARLY to the box office and get a numbered waitlist wrist band. At showtime arrive at the box office with your numbered wristband and if they can accommodate you they will.
And of course, just enjoy the show! Its so fun and Conan is a great show host! It is really obviously why he gets paid the big bucks to do what he does, in between commercial breaks he is really interactive. I sat by the teleprompter this year and he is really great at improv! If you have a chance to catch any of his shows do it! You will still request on 1iota, so make that account now!


Jul 19, 2017

SDCC2017| Snoopy and Belle Love!

It's here, another week of San Diego for the books.
Most events and activations are not open today but after an early flight, a nap, and a good lunch we headed around to scope out pop up shops and where to visit for the madness. We came across the Snoopy and Belle pop up and I am in love. They are celebrating 30 years of fashion! They even collaborated with tokidoki on SDCC exclusives so I guess I have to make my way to that booth this year. 

Jul 17, 2017


First of all, we know my obsession for this brand. In high school I said that I would be a creative director one day and that I loved Marc Jacobs. (Not quite a creative director yet, but I'm not doing so bad.)Well, the Jacobs era is gone and the new Men's artistic director at Louis Vuitton is Kim Jones. The cool thing about Kim is he actually is a part of the street wear culture. Do you remember Pastelle? The clothing line that Kanye West talked about FOREVER but never released? Kim Jones headed the project. To work with Kanye at THAT time... Kim Jones was clearly was pin pointed as a leader in streetwear. He has a pretty diverse portfolio, doing design work for everyone from uniqlo to McQ by McQueen and Iceberg. After debuting a highly sought after collab with Supreme, he revamped the World Tour collection.


Jul 14, 2017

SDCC: Wrath of CON.


It is one week until San Diego Comic Con and I keep getting more and more questions about why I go and what I will be doing while in town! Lets start with what I can't wait to do while in San Diego for the Con:

1) For the first time since 2015 WERE GOING TO A TAPING OF CONAN! Last minute a late night Thursday show was added so we will be attending and ready to trade a pop vinyl because we still have duplicates from the first time we went. Every day the audience takes home one of these coveted vinyls. They resell for a lot of money but we keep ours bc we have a little collection going.

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