Aug 21, 2014

Late to the Party, NYX Macaron Lippies

A while back NYX dropped a macaron collection. Now that I have seen these swatched, I REALLY WANT THEM but of course, they are sold out. At least the Ulta by me doesn't have them, you might have hope. I am working on a crazy photoshoot and these would be absolutely perfect but alas. I must work on another option. Maybe I will order these online? I look so weird in different lipsticks bc my lips are huge but I can't resist. Is it the Macaron vibes? It might be.

UGHH I want these so bad. Lavender specifically. Ok, maybe black sesame.... and orange blossom.



Aug 19, 2014

CURRENT CRAVE: Altuzarra X Target

 On September 14th target will release what is probably going to be another huge designer collaboration with the Joseph Altuzarra. Altuzarra for Target gave me so much life last week when they launched their lookbook. 

There are so many items that I want, I definitely need to save my pesos for this one. Everything retails $29.99-$89.99.These items are not only available at Target, BUT ALSO These motifs and colors are so chic and one of the better collections that Target has collaborated on.


Aug 18, 2014

Music Monday: Fire Rides

I'm feeling blissful this Monday. I randomly heard this song on spotify and its such a good morning song. Also, its been stuck in my head so now you get to enjoy it too. 


Aug 17, 2014

Soft Relaunching.

Hi there! We have started the relaunch of this site, and I must say now that most of the dust has settled and I very happy with this new look! I am working on the navigation pages, putting together a features page is going to be insane. 
I also am working on a few surprizes AS WELL AS a new PHOTOSHOOT.
It is going to the the most epic one to date. We just keep getting bigger and better. 
Fashion week is around the corner and we my friends, are back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Aug 11, 2014


Hi guys! I am in the process of giving my blog a facelift so sorry for the gaps between postings. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to pull this off so thank you for your patience. We will be relaunching very soon, but as usual it will be an epic comeback.

If you haven't seen last week I was Maggie Semple's STYLE DIARY, check it out here: It was 5 posts with 5 different looks from my closet. This link goes to the interview I did as well. If you remember I met Maggie a few months ago while she was in Houston. Maggie Semple is located in London. 

SO what else have I been up to? Work, being with the boo, hanging with my best friend because it was recently her birthday. I also went to a little blogger seminar which was perfect since my blog is getting a facelift. Yay for extra tips and tricks!