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Aug 25, 2016


I teamed up with SimpliSafe a while ago to share some travel advice! I know it can be kind of stressful to not only vacation but travel in general. There are plenty of tips out there on how to make it through a long flight, packing, or just surviving an airport. I have a worry free checklist on how to be safe and diligent while gone. If you live in a city or somewhere that you might feel uneasy this checklist is for you!

Aug 23, 2016


Living in Houston made it easy to take a trip to Belize for my friend Grace's bachelorette party! Southwest has a direct flight via southwest for under $300 (well when I bought it) and its only a quick 2.5 hr flight. Belize was beautiful and the weather was delightfully sunny the entire time. 
We stayed at a resort and enjoyed the beach, paddle boarding, a catamaran with snorkeling, lots of food, and lots of pool time. I am at least 6 shades darker from the sun and I regret nothing. 
Belize has a lot of cultural foods and their version of seafood ceviche was one thing I never said no to eating. On the Catamaran they made it for us and I actually was seasick! I threw up right after our first 1 hr snorkel session. Swallowing saltwater does not go well with already feeling an unbalanced equilibrium. 
Sharing a laugh with the Bride to be! 
The lovely ladies from the weekend! We are just missing Sebastian! We ate dinner at the cutest spot on the island! Everyone was so sweet. 
One of my favorite parts of Belize was Caye Caulker Island. The beach looked like a postcard. It looks so unreal. Of everything on the island Caye Caulker did look the most damaged from the hurricane. They were already in the process of rebuilding but the beach looked AMAZING. 
One of the snorkel stops was Shark Ray Alley. Im really upset that I got seasick because this looks AWESOME! Belize is somewhere I wouldn't mind going back to. In Belize we stayed off San Pedro which is a super quiet and chill smaller island. After arriving at the airport in BZE you will need to take either a small plan or a boat ferry to San Pedro Island. I took the small plan upon arrival and its only 15 minutes. THE PLANE FITS LIKE 10 PEOPLE! Its so small. After our trip we took the boat ferry which is nothing like the ferry's in Galveston. It was larger than a speedboat but I swear it went as fast as one. Our boat took about 2 hrs.
I have a few more photos from this fun trip! I'll be doing a couple more travel posts this week to share them all. I just want to be on the beach again.

UGH, Cheers to the work week!
Have a great weekend!

Aug 18, 2016

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: End of Summer Playlist

HTX to BZE starts now! I'll have a fun recap on Monday for everyone. I thought my phone would work but it looks like I will be disconnected for the next few days! Fingers crossed I get wifi. LORD BE A WIFI PASSWORD.
Until then, enjoy my top 5 BELIZE VACAY tracks (YOUTUBE LINKS BELOW):
DJ SNAKE- ENCORE... the whole album lol

Have a great weekend!


Aug 17, 2016


It's National Thrift Store day!

I helped my friend Bell from Totally Randie film an episode for It's National Day! Her series is so fun and I love seeing her take on difference national days throughout the year! Thrift day is today and if you ever scroll through my instagram, one secret is 80% of my clothes are actually from a thrift store. It's less expensive, you can still keep up with trends and its easy to find something different for events that no one else will have.

I have 3 thrifting tips for anyone who wants to try to go this weekend!
1: Go early! They replenish the store throughout the day, but sometimes the put good stuff out at night and it's out waiting for you when you get there. It's also less picked over so it makes it a better shopping experience when you can look without being too overwhelmed. 

2: Research on your phone. Sometimes if I don't know a brand I will google it really quick and see if what I am getting is a good deal. I have found some great labels like Scotch and Soda, as well as in season Lily Pulitzer before.

3:Take Note of Sales. A lot of my favorite thrift stores have sales each day of the week. Sometimes certain color tags are 50% off and sometimes any item on a particular day is 50 cents. Learning these days can help save extra money on some already great deals. 

Happy thrifting!


Aug 16, 2016


If you haven't heard I am headed to Belize this week for a friends Bachelorette party! In searching for some inspiration for outfits I kept coming across Pom items and I love everything! I picked up a pair of Pom Sandals and they are the perfect item so far for this vacation. I can't wait to post some photos in them. The pom just screams summer, as summer comes to an end I think we need to squeeze it in somehow.
I picked up my coveted pom sandals for only $14 at Justin, a local store here in Houston. TALK ABOUT A STEAL! When it comes to very trendy items I don't hesitate to pay a trendy price, its something so here and gone I didn't want to spend in the $150 range.
What was one of your favorite summer trends?

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