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Aug 2, 2015


I did a really cool 3 part interview and shoot with another local blogger! This is probably my favorite interview to date. I love all of the questions and I shared a lot that I want you all to hear.

If you haven't check out all three parts:

If you don't know Tiffany from Moda Dynasty yet, you should. She was super sweet and shot all of the awesome photos featured through out the interviews.
I will feature the other two parts as well on this blog, I just wanted to share some of my favorites today, because August is a new begining... for many things.



Jul 27, 2015

Escaping Summer Heat with Clarins SPF

My love for Clarins is year round. With this summer heat it has been very important for me to keep my skin protected. Everytime I step into my car it says something over 100 degrees. The rule generally is, if you need sunglasses-- you need sunscreen.


Jul 26, 2015

Sickly Weekends ^_^

I have been sick since Friday! I blame dry air or plane germs LOL. I'm done with planes for a little while, so until then I can focus on some of the goals I had before I left for San Diego. All will be revealed soon. With the whole loss of Meelo and feeling so sick, I have been a little bit behind on a few goals I have.

It's a good story. I can't wait to begin to tell you it. Just stay tuned, and stay true.


Jul 22, 2015

Michigan Travels

Today is day two of a two day Michigan work trip. As cute as this rural place is, I'm a little ready to be back in the city. Well, a real one, the photo above is me sitting in my cute little lofty boutique apt room over looking a snippet of downtown Grand Rapids. .
Tonight sharknado comes one and all I want to do is eat pizza and laugh. My flight kind of arrives while its on, so I'll miss watching it live which is my favorite part. Twitter really makes TV so much better.

I meant to publish my Summer playlist while in San Diego but my hotel didn't have Wifi! So enjoy it now to get through this humpday struggle.

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