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Nov 21, 2017


Create & Cultivate Portland was the same week as complexcon and I never got to share this event with you! It was great timing because it brings up a great concept: collaboration not competition. I've been dealing with some adversity at work and I finally am at a point where I just realize I'm always going to make someone mad. Even when it's not my fault. I am a black female in corporate America. I will always piss people off just by existing, so existing and making waves is a formula for some hateful vibes. There are people that will be mad based on insecurity and jealousy, and there are some people that embrace my disruption. The people cheering me on are the ones I am interested in investing time with. The people upset with your waves are people you don't want in your presence. There are ones that cheer you on to your face, but behind your back wish you fail beyond the things they are comfortable of doing. 
My advice is to keep collaborating with the right people and forget the competition. 
Create & Collaborate was a good night to be around other entrepreneurial minded women encouraging each other. The theme was tech but the values were definitely applicable in any field.


Nov 20, 2017


My knit cap collection is slowly taking over my hat shelf and I am ok with it. Growing up in HTX it was always too warm to consider wearing a beanie 24/7, but here in Portland it's a way of life. It also comes in handy on days my hair looks nappy. Below I left a few cute ones as beanie inspo. 

I think beanies pair best with a polished look. Even though knit caps are so casual, I love them paired with long coats and a simple sneaker. Is this model off duty? I kind of love it.

Also, How is it Thanksgiving week?

Nov 13, 2017


OK, last of the Calfornia posts. I am so sad my HP Sprocket delivered after I left because it would have been so fun to print while on vacation! It is much smaller than my Instax camera and better because it prints from your phone photo albums. Both Iphone and Android are compatible with the easy to use app. I installed and used mine rather quickly. Luckily amazon sells carry cases for around $10. This thing is guaranteed to get beat up in my purse. I love how mine is white with a hint of Rose Gold. So chic. Made for me. It retails around $130, right in line with other instant cameras. The value of how compact this is sells me on this product. I will always have my phone with me, so carrying this is easier than an additional instant camera. 

Huntington beach, our Air BNB was so close and an easy walk!
Also while I was gone HP sent me a Printer that doubles as a speaker! You will have to wait until next week to see how I like it! I am officially an HP Millennial influencer :) I'll be testing and sharing fun things from HP for the next year.
OMG this place had the best acai bowls but I can't remember the name. I need to because I need the receipts for my expense report! I've never had bowls sooo good, I wish I knew the places name. This bowl was the Gangsta Goddess. On day 2 I grabbed the Gangsta Goddess with a shot of immunity so I wouldn't get sick on my whirlwind week. Needless to say, I'm not sick! 
I can't wait to put my new Sprocket to more use! Stay tuned to my review on the HP 2 in one printer next week.

Nov 12, 2017


The vibe on day 2 was less stressful. I actually was able to view inside a few booths and buy a few things. I Am Other threw a crazy concert with 2 Chains, Migos, Lil Uzivert. The night concerts were Yung Thug and M.I.A. Gucci Mane also performed but we left early for that.
I was able to pop into Melody Ehsani's booth and buy an amazing "Stay Woke" ring. It is not on her website but she has so many other goodies on there.

Nov 7, 2017


The second year ever of complexcon, my first year ever attending. We decided to take day one slow and arrive a little after the opening. Lines were easier to manage and we were quickly swept into the transactional vibe of the floor that is ComplexCon.
Of course the first order of business was heading to the three stripe booth, we were here for work after all. After cutting through the velvet ropes I found myself staring up at Pharrell, Chad and Shay. The adidas booth had soooo many assets in it. Travis Barker and his son came by, Asap, and  (randomly) Ocho Cinco came by too. I didn't like how the booth only had retail and not as much interactive experience. They displayed franchises that exist, but I know there are a few new things that would have been perfect to premier here. Regardless, it stayed packed and people really loved it. It didn't look like anything else there. The only thing trendy was there was a Pusha T Bodega and I walked past maybe 3 or 4 other brand Bodegas (including the actual brand called Bodega.) Still the top booth there! Bonus points for ASAP shouting FUCK NIKE like 3 times. 
We quickly got split up and roamed the floor for a few hours. Undefeated and Nike both had a lot of hype around their booths and drops. Nike had an interactive AF1 custom lab, the only complaint I heard was how long it took to wait and then custom. Puma had a booth that looked really cool but I didn't understand it. It wasn't clear if you could buy something or listen to a panel or what? I'm keeping an eyeout for them because they did paste up the collabs coming up including ones from Fubu, Mac and MCM. I need to get my hands on something MCM or Fubu. I don't even know how they pulled either of those but thats for the culture.

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