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Dec 8, 2016


You guys, I was played. I was told it never snows in Portland, maybe one day a year. I'm bad at blogmas. I've been sick and this snow day threw a wrench in my day. Yesterday was a fun work day and I was ready to send a million follow up emails, but instead... they're in my drafts because I left business cards at work of course. Other than that, I'm still a little sick. Sniffles and random headaches. PDX HAS NO CHILL AND ALL THE CHILL AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.
Welp, we are definitely not in Texas anymore. This experience also let me know I need to make a snow survival kit. Not like I'm snowed in or anything, but my southern ass is not about to drive on icy streets. Is it rude to order a pizza in the snow? I don't know how that works, and I still don't quite know what tire chains are. Either way, my time is PDX has definitely pushed me to some limits I thought I had. Limits are nothing and if anything I have not died yet. It's been kind of fun discovering new things. Cheers to real snow, thanks for making my workweek stressful.


Dec 7, 2016

BLOGMAS| Holiday Nails

I miss Dripped Nails so much! In Portland we have a localshop called Fingerbang . Appointments are not something you can typically get on a whim, these girls are fabulous and booked!
For Christmas Nails I go for three options:

1) All Glitter. -I love all glitter because it can carry over to New Years fairly easy. Ya girl is cheap, so I don't feel like I'm stuck in Christmas Vibes when celebrating the new year, its a win.
2) Deep red or military green. -Both are modern Christmas colors and don't scream super themy. Its Christmas Chic.
3)Christmas Motifs. One year I did snowflakes, candy cane stripes, and green and red glitter. If you are going to do a quick polish change inbetween holidays, going for an all out holiday motif is great!
*) Prints. -I included this awesome plaid because I have never seen this done before and I love it.


Dec 5, 2016


I was going to do 12 day's of Christmas but I think it will be more fun to do Blogmas. I'm challenging myself to blog everyday until Christmas! A lot of youtubers are doing vlogmas and I am not about that life, so this is the next best thing.

Most of the vlogs are pretty pointless and day recaps so I don't expect my blogs to be that far off from that. 
1) It means it's also my birth-month. This year I really don't care about my birthday this year because I'm not home and I don't have friends here soooooo that eliminates any real celebrations haha. But regardless, it's still my birth month.

2) It's the appropriate time to enjoy hot chocolate and tea! I mean anyday is, great to enjoy those, but the holidays is where I go crazy. I can't wait to share some of our crazy hot chocolate recipes.

3) CHRISTMAS MOVIES! First on the roster: Elf. I will have another post during Vlogmas on what to watch this holiday break.

4) Holiday Sales. You all know I'm super cheap and refuse to buy anything full price. When I can catch extra deals on things I wanted anyway I am so happy. I mean... and then finding things for other people too :)

5) Christmas Decorations! Again, this is something I'm not participating in this year (many reasons, being in Texas for Christmas is one) but I love holiday candles, putting up a tree, wrapping presents and spreading Christmas Vibes.

What do you love about the holidays?


Dec 3, 2016

Hello December

I'm a little behind on my month post! You know, I made this process seem much easier in my head. I am loving my job but this city is something I am struggling to give a chance to. It's interesting having both challenges in my life. 1) Living in a city I know like that back of my hand but dreading going to work, hating what I did everyday, and really feeling like I wouldn't go anywhere because of and unfair upper-management. 2)Moving to a new city alone loving heading to work everyday and sometimes not really wanting to go back to my apt, trying to adjust to the weather (cold and rain), not have any of my stuff  or my pup, and trying to figure out why I knew PDX wasn't diverse... but still being surprised by how the huge lack of diversity. Did you know Houston just surpassed New York as the most culturally diverse city in the world? Imagine going from that to Portlandia! Its a culture shock for sure. The people here are pretty nice, chill, and have been pretty cool since I got here.
I think it will be good. I just need to stay positive.
 You know, I'm sleeping on an air mattress until my items get here in like... February. Talk about first world problems.

Still one of my favorite Casey Videos, RIP Casey's channel tho.
Once Kyle gets up here (well, if he ever makes it, but we will keep operating under the assumption that he will) I think things will be better. I will actually have someone to explore the city with, someone to take my photos LOL, and I can be happy with our furniture and pup! We can make this place seem like more of a home, than a shell of an apt. It definitely does not feel like a home but, its hard to when you don't have things. One funny thing I made sure to pack was my 50inch TV. I wish I had more time to take a step back and document my moving process. Deciding what items to put in my car before they shipped it was HILARIOUS.




Nov 30, 2016

Can I be @foodwithmichel for a day?

If you don't follow @foodwithmichel you might actually be better off because I find myself scrolling through his page and wanting to eat literally everything. I don't eat out much here (yet anyway!) and I miss Canes and whataburger. This canes photo is life. All of his food photos are. Once I feel more settled I will definitely be taking more food photos of my own.

 This lobster looks great. I think I miss gulf seafood. At trader joes here they have gulf coast shrimp. I haven't bought it yet but I definitely have it on my list. So much needs to be eaten when I get back home for Christmas.
 YOU GUYS, my two favorite desserts, flan and ube. I think if I ever tasted this I would never want to eat anything else ever again.
In San Diego I spent a lot of the time with an upset stomach but I did have a bite of a sushi burrito that Kyle ordered off Postmates one night. It was a like this but the inside was fajita meat and something else.

Here is to venturing through PDX and taking epic food photos too. I really can't wait for Kyle and Toshi to be here. Until then it's going to be pretty lonely and boring.

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