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Oct 17, 2017


Before the weather here gets really wet, we decided to take advantage of a good weather weekend and do fall things. Yes its a little chilly here already and I took the opportunity to head with some gals to a pumpkin patch out in Sauvie Island. Besides getting lost in a corn maze shaped like Damian Lillard, I picked up a cute pumpkin and tried my first elephant ear. Don't worry, its a flat churro. I have never seen it in Texas before, but I recommend it.
Now on to the fun part, decorating your pumpkins...
Here is some pumpkin inspo from pinterest. I am not sure which one I want to do yet but the little fox is screaming my name because he looks like my Toshiboy. Unicorn is also really cute but I would have to paint the whole thing! I should suck it up, I'm just not into carving. 


Oct 13, 2017


If you saw my ballin on a budget DIY marble table you might have seen my DIY cookie jar. I found this jar at goodwill while looking for a cookie jar. This one was less than $5 and the perfect size and dimension for my coffee table. I normally keep candy in it but when I came across halloween Joe Joe's I couldn't resist the opportunity to be festive. My jar is tiny so it only took one package of cookies to fill completely.
This #khlocd hack is so easy... it is a little extra but it looks super cute.
I have seen a jar this large at goodwill but I can not have that many cookies around at all times! 

Oct 11, 2017


With halloween fast approaching I am sharing my favorite halloween costume ideas and will reveal which one I will DIY. After picking costumes to share I realized I am old AF and this is all inspo from my childhood. Major squad goals!
How fun and easy is this? Velour is trending again so it will be really easy to find some velour suits and cheetah print will be really easy! Their album is also on spotify, for the full effect. 
They sell these uniforms at costume stores but I tried on the cutest Dion-esqe 2piece suit at goodwill. It was super tight so I didn't buy it, but this is a fun one to thrift. I LOVED this movie when I was younger!

I also loved this DCOM. This might be a little harder but soooo fun if you can find all the different color spandex and vests to pull it off! The 90s were so great. I wish this was how people dressed. 
THIS IS IT. This is what I am going to DIY for Halloween. THEY DO NOT SELL THIS COSTUME. It is going to be a struggle to DIY this but I can't wait! I have searched high and low but there is only one sketchy website that sells this for like $84. Ya girl is ballin on a budget, so we are going to DIY this.  I'll share how later this month. 

What are you planning on being for halloween? 

Oct 9, 2017


Yes, I even made a cookie jar with my cloche I found at goodwill for $3. I put different candy in their normally but when I saw halloween jo jo's from Trader Joe's I couldn't miss this opportunity. 
This DIY took 2 steps. I ordered my contact paper on amazon and simple $20 coffee table from the amazon warehouse in black. My whole living room is white so I wanted to tie back and break up how harsh the black looked in my living room. My whole living room was designed on the low. Everything in this photo was $100 TOTAL. Yes, that includes the couch and the side tables. My couch was a steal, you wont believe the price I got it for but it retails for almost $700. I have been really curating my living room since I moved and I am pleased with my ability to get this furnished with a good eye for cheap.

WEST ELM: $599

I did three sections of marble contact paper just because it was the only way I could get it to look somewhat seamless. I slowly stuck it to the table top and smoothed it out with an old loyalty card. There are many colors and styles on this contact paper on amazon! I debated so hard between this and the black marble. Overall I am happy with how it turned out.
I have seen youtube videos on how people put this on their countertops too. This would be an easy DIY for any thrifted furniture too! It was just easiest for me to do this with something from Amazon. The Amazon warehouse is my favorite hack. Items are usually perfectly fine but the box itself might be damaged. They are always a little cheaper. I have had good luck so far with the warehouse. My headboard in my room is also from there! A full $30 cheaper bc it was opened but still perfect.  I'll be sharing more of my ballin on a budget hacks on my blog so stay tuned!


Oct 2, 2017


Its October! Its fall, time to get spooky. You know what's spooky? Adulting. 
Y'all, this marks 12 months of living in Portland. Well, almost. The end of this month marks 12 months of living in Portland. If you've followed my blog these last 12 months, its actually been really hard. It's great in the sense I am learning alot, I've already gotten a promotion, I enjoy working with my originals team... But it's been hard in the sense of being here alone, trying to work with a new team that I don't blend with, being black in Portland, and dealing with no HEB or Canes. 
Anyway, it's not anything that can kill me. My only challenge is losing weight the rest of the year! 

In other news, after years of using most of the same items, I finally ventured out and tried a few new beauty products. I LOVE them and have used them all September and wanted to share them:

1) Mario Badescu Facial Spray: I admit I only tried this because it was really hyped but I am not regretting it. You can use it to set makeup which is what I use it for. It makes me look really dewy which is my vibe right now. It smells like roses, but there is a green version that is aloe. Mario makes a moisturizer with SPF that is in my cart next. This product is also only $7 so it's pretty affordable compared to most products like this. 
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