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Jan 13, 2018


Do you look at a computer almost 10 hrs a day like I do? After moving to our new office with 2 huge 4k screens I've noticed my eyes become sensitive to how bright they are. I have tried computer lenses in the past and I didn't think too much of them. A lot of the whole issue with your eyes becoming strained is that your blink rate is a lot less when you read on a screen. While this is true, there is a tint on computer lenses that help block the blue light and it helps prevent digital eye strain.
I spend a lot of time looking at computers at work and its mostly excel and emails. When I go home, I'm reading or blogging. I definitely abuse my eyes and I'm not taking my own advice when I'm about to tell you to go to the eye doctor. I pay for vision insurance but have not used it to see the eye Dr. This year I will, and you should too! I don't have eye struggles in terms of blurry text, seeing far or close. Because of that I never saw the need to go, but it is important to have a baseline on record... so thats why I will be visiting this year. Everyone gets shitty vision as they get older so might as well see where my prime is! 
How can you prevent digital eye strain?
1. Look at your posture. You might be sitting too close to the screen, it is recommended to be about 20-26 inches away. When sitting you should be comfortable where your arms are at a comfortable 90-100 degree angle, same with legs. Your computer screen should be free of glare and 0-20 degrees below your line of sight. My work desk is electric and convertible so I push a button for it to go up and down. I am mostly standing at the desk, but when sitting I am sure not to put my desk too low. Its so fancy to move my desk up and down! It moves very similar to this cool anthrodesk, but this anthrodesk is cooler!
2. Customize your computer settings. Maybe it's worth making your text a little bigger. If you have a lot of light around you it might be beneficial to adjust the dimmer on the screen. 
3. Remember to blink. This sounds so stupid, but your eyes are getting dry from reading. It's so helpful. 
4. Visit the eye dr. If you already have glasses they can also have a lens coating added to your prescription glasses. If you want a good deal on glasses for prescription or non prescription lenses you can go to! These glasses featured in this post are ones I got from glassesshop and they are the second time I have gotten a pair from them. 

The style of these is very different that what I usually get, but I like them! I wanted to give computer lenses a try again so shoutout to glasses shop for gifting me a pair to stare at my new monitors with. I feel like they help with strain, even if it is just placebo I am a fan! 


Jan 7, 2018


Y'all. I have been sick for like all of 2018. I NEVER get sick. I should see a DR. but I am very stubborn. I felt better Friday but it all creeped back up on me today. I've been laying pretty low by design. I got sick when I went back to Houston and stopped taking all my vitamins! I spent a little bit of time cleaning out my stuff in storage and I'm pretty sure I have some sort of respiratory infection. With that being said, I missed all my vitamins and wanted to share what kept we well all 2017! I don't think I wouldn't have found more homeopathic forms of wellness without moving here, so I wanted to share!

I'm kind of obsessed with collagen peptides. I linked a ton below because they make soooo many. I currently have the normal no flavor can of collagen peptides from Vital Proteins. It's good for hair, skin and nails, improves your digestion and is good for joint health. You can put it in any cold or hot drink but I prefer it in hot tea or hot chocolate. It has no taste or real texture so it blends pretty seamless into anything. After I finish this tub I want to try the Match Collagen! They also offer many beauty waters that sounds great. 
Beyond the collagen peptides olly vitamins have been a good way to make sure I actually take vitamins. Right now vitamins are buy one get one 1/2 off so stock up! The ladies multi is a good way to make sure I take a muti vitamin. I like how these are gummy vitamins. I have HUGE other multi vitamins but since they are large pills that must be taken with food, I sadly never take them. This ladies multivitamin has vitamins A, C, D, E Folic acid and biotin. I started taking Olly vitamins after trying out the "goodbye stress" ones. I'm not sure if it's a mind thing, but I feel better when I take them. Gaba and L-theanine are supposed to be calming. I like it and definitely pop a few during the workday.
Last but not least vitamin C has been a must in my pantry. I do take this in conjunction with my probiotic/zinc pills that I talked about here.  The store brand was the cheapest option and came with almost double the vitamins. I wasn't looking for a fancy blend here so it worked for me.

In getting over my cold/whatever it is I have, theraflu has really been my go to. I love the night time tea mix and I sleep doing aromatherapy. Aromatherapy deserves its own post, but I have been doing a tea tree + peppermint + eucalyptus mix to help clear my sinus at night.

Let me know if you want to hear about what essential oils I love! It is something I am just now getting into but definitely helps me! Happy Flu SZN.

Jan 1, 2018

1/365 Motivation

I am typically not one for resolutions but 2017 was a looonng year for me. It wasn't all bad. It had high highs and low lows. I appreciate every experience that I had. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of doing and I am very proud and empowered. This blog is going to go through a few changes in the new year and I am looking forward to every moment.

Dec 26, 2017


I hope everyone has a very happy holiday break. I am very happy to be in Houston to celebrate with friends and family. With that being said, I am going to take a much needed hiatus. This past year has been kind of long for me and definitely different in terms of blogging and creating content. It has had peaks and valleys but I don't want to post for the sake of posting. 
This doesn't mean I am going to stop posting, but I am going to age this blog a bit. I started this site almost 10 years ago when I just graduated high school. Quite a bit has changed since then and I have some new projects that I want to grow outside of what was 
Buying was a great step when I graduated college... but now I am looking for whats next. 

Dec 18, 2017


This post is sponsored by Eagle brand condensed milk. I have a sweet tooth, so having condensed milk on hand is a typical thing. You can use it for many baked goods including cheesecake, fudge and flan... but you can also use it to make a sweet beverage. 
All you need is 6 ingredients to try Eagle Brands version of condensed milk hot chocolate! Im wearing my sipping tea hat, but today, I'm sipping hot cocoa. In summer I might try the horchata mix, so we might come back to eagle brand. 
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