Apr 23, 2014

I've got designer bags, under my eyes.

Wanderlust is finally happening. We are venturing Las Vegas and kicking off our epic summer extravaganza. To see it LIVE since I wont be back for a while, be sure to follow my INSTAGRAM. When we do get back, expect a weeks worth of outfit posts as well as a very special surprise that we have been brewing up.

I have needed a vacation, I have designer bags under my eyes.

BUT, last but not least, Inspired.


Apr 22, 2014

Juicy Couture: Malibu Collection

I was anxiously waiting for a oil change and flipping through a magazine at the car dealer a week or so ago. I came across a new Juicy Couture scent, its called MALIBU.--- I NEEDED IT.

FAST FORWARD-- I was at the mall recently and passed by Sephora and remembered to look for these scents. I don't know if it was in the wrong place, but the double roller tube was marked for $12.00! I bought it and am happy with this purchase because I genuinely only want it because it is called MALIBU. I have sooo many full size perfumes and really live in my Marc Jacobs Daisy or Lola.

The orange scent is the "Juicy Couture Malibu" scent and has notes of passion fruit and jasmine. With my body chemistry it come off the stronger of the two.

The pink is called "Couture La La Malibu" and has a note of sweet sugar.

Both scents are very summer, I personally am glad I bought the rollerball because I like softer notes. I like light powdery or floral notes. These are both very sweet scents, but go judge for yourself. These are limited edition scents so hurry and find them before its too late!

Apr 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Fash-Flash

Happy Easter Y'all!
Its Easter, NBA Playoffs have begun, AND Coachella week two.
We all know I am super excited for NBA Playoffs because the post season is just so much fun. I love the Clippers, Rockets , Heat--by default. Who knows who will take it this year but I think it will be interesting to watch. Clipper/Golden state is the only first round series really worth watching, its going to be a really good 7 game one. You can already tell. But enough basketball talk. Can we talk about how awesome the coachella festival fashion has been?
Kendal and I have the same ray bans, did I inadvertently buy the IT sunglass of the season?

Apr 18, 2014

FOODIE POST: Oreo Rice Krispies

Since college I have been making rice krispies just because they taste soooo much better than packaged ones. Over the weekend I discovered throwing double stuffed oreos into the mix:

Easiest thing ever and less than 5 ingredients.I also whipped them together for the Easter bunch at work.

6 cups of Rice Krispies
15 Oreos , cut
5 cups mini marshmallows
3 tbs butter

Spray a 9x13 cake pan with non stick spray

Combine Oreos and cut Rice krispies in a large bowl

Melt Butter and marshmallows over low heat on stove

Combine all ingredients and place in 9X13 cake pan and let cool completely.

Best thing ever.

Apr 12, 2014


Another year that I will not be participating in Migration to Indio for the great Coachella Music festival. At least T-mobile live streams it, right? I will be attending FPSF this year here in Houston again so I guess that will be enough to hold me over.
Last year at FPSF, what a difference a year makes LOL.
Ahh yes, summer music. I have waited for thee.

Nochella via Malibu

SOOO if I could go, I would totes rock everything on my Polyvore board. Side eye on the palm tree Roshes. I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE. Its just hot, and there are so many people EVERYWHERE. Be comfy and be boho chic and I think you're good.