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Jul 28, 2016


Comic Con has been its own whirlwind every year, next year we are looking into doing more of the offsites and then tour LA more. Its been fun but its been impossible to top our first time there. We wile keep an eye out for major movies to see what will be worth the struggle next year. We will definitely come back, but not devote as much time to just the con. 

Kyle Vlogged our whole trip! I will link them once he publishes them all. I am bad at vlogging but I make appearances in all of these from the con.

 One thing I forgot to mention that I am obsessed with is Funko pop vinyls. The bait booth was the perfect pickup spot for us and I am treasuring the three below. We have an extra Kobe Pop Vinyl, bidding starts at $35:
POP loot, the one on the far left is a BAIT Custom by Rudy Ramirez AND its signed! Super awesome pickup. Kobe was a given, and the Astroboy is an Asian convention exclusive. 
All in all it was a great experience. I can't wait for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead to come back. Suicide Squad is going to be amazing. I'm sad I didn't go to the premier of Star Trek Beyond! One amazing spoiler was that on the next (and last) season of Bates Motel Rihanna will be playing Marion Crane. Marion is the lady that dies in the infamous shower scene in Psycho! That will be amazing. The cast premier of Black Panther was also an amazing Comic-con exclusive.
So much great movie and TV news!
The only thing that sucks is we have  no clue what AHS is theming this year.

Oh Comic -Con, see you in 2017!

Jul 27, 2016


Day three was Saturday and again without actual badges but the offsites at Comic Con never disappoint. We headed out to Nerd HQ because they always offer some great photo booths and this year Xbox/Microsoft sponsored all of their gameplay lounges. In a partnership with Johnson & Johnson we took the above photo and it donated $1 to operation smile! There is also an app that you can donate a photo everyday to any participating cause. In theory, if you donate a photo everyday for a year, thats $365 you've donated!
Gears of War 4 isn't out yet but you could play it at nerdHQ. It was gamer competition style but looked like fun. I am not good at video games so I just sat back and watched.
Lots of photobooth fun was had.
After a short lunch break we headed back to Gaslamp for the highly talked about Mr.Robot offsite.
The offsite for Mr. Robot had a replica of Elliott's apartment and the Mr.Robot shop from the series. Inside Elliott's room we got to watch a 12minute VR piece of one of Elliot's memories with his ex girlfriend Shayla. It was really trippy, if you have had a virtual reality headset on before, coupling that with surround sound headphones is enough to make you feel like you are truly in a virtual reality.
At the end of the tour we even got a Mr.Robot Tshirt as well as an F Society mask.
Halloween costume? CHECK!
We ended the day at our favorite SD skate shop.
Every year I purchase a shirt from Bait and this year was no exception. To my surprise when trying to make a selection THE KINJAZ We're there! You might remember them from ABDC or just the fact that they are AMAZING Dancers. Below is a quick video of the Kinjaz and the shop. I love their aesthetic so much.
Couldn't leave with out a pic with Anthony Lee. I purchased the Fire element Tee and Kyle got a dad hat. I also bought some very exclusive pop vinyls that will be shared tomorrow! 



Jul 26, 2016

SAN DIEGO DAY TWO: The Southwest Airlines Backstory.

Friday we didn't have convention passes so we decided to roam the City a bit. Downtown is one area we wanted to discover more of. There is a mall that is about 4 or 5 stories that we always visit and next to our hotel was the "Fashion Valley Mall." Fashion valley was like an outdoor version of the Houston Galleria with stores like Louis Vuitton, Scotch and Soda, Hermes, and Tesla. Both were fun to walk.

We walked Fashion Valley the first time because the worst shutdown in Southwest airlines history occured and we were effected in such a crazy way. Southwest is traditionally my favorite airline, I never have issues, they never lose my stuff, they're always prompt and nice... Ya'll that changed literally over the course of 15 hours.

Our flight to SD was scheduled in two legs, HTX to Oakland, Oakland to SD. We got to the airport at 5:00am to ensure we didn't miss our flight... because that happened last year. Sitting in the lobby it came time to board... The flight was boarding supposed to begin at 6:10, but at 6:10 we were notified the flight would instead be DELAYED until 12pm.

We had already been there since 5am, waiting until 12 would not be cool, we were landing early to relax before the Wrath of Con. The Wrath of Con had other plans. Obviously with this delay we wouldn't make the connecting flight so we were told to sit tight until they put together new flights. THEIR SOLUTION WAS PUTTING KYLE AND I ON DIFFERENT FLIGHTS! He was put on a direct flight there at 10am (last seat on the plane) and I was told I could be standby but my flight assignment would be at 5pm, arriving in SD after a layover AT 10PM. For my trouble I was issued a $200 voucher and Kyle got $100.
I went to grab food since eating in Oakland wasn't a thing anymore and walking back, chicken nugget in mouth I heard my name over the loud speaker. I went to the desk and they told me I was on standby and needed to board immediately. I grabbed my stuff and said "bye" to Kyle super quick... boarded the plane on literally the last seat next to a sweet older couple and said... "Excuse me... do you know where this flight is going?"  The lady said Las Vegas and I panicked. I quickly asked a flight attendant if she knew my itinerary because I was not given a boarding pass and she was prompt in telling me that I was flying to Vegas and would land at 10am, at 11:20am I would connect to SD.
I slept most of the flight and upon landing I found my gate and saw my flight was DELAYED until 12:20. I texted Kyle because at this point he was mid-air on the way to SD on his assigned flight and I wanted him to know where I was.
At 12:20 I was informed that the flight status was unknown and they would let us know further information when it was available.
AND THEN IT HAPPENED. The Southwest terminal in Vegas was getting more and more crowded and people trying to board flights before mine were being told they needed to be manually boarded-- meaning writing down the names of everyone boarding. We were told all systems were down. 
Shortly after they told us all ground transportation was at a halt, across the country no Southwest flight was allowed to leave until further notice. GIRL LEMME TELL YOU I ran to that counter so fast and asked to get my money back so I can fly spirit. I said I was not here for her delay and asked how long it would take. She said anywhere from 2-6 hours. I was livid. She couldn't help me because her screen was blank. The website didn't work, you couldn't book flights, check in, anything.
After being grounded for about 3 more hours they slowly lifted the ban. Then an announcement was made. "Excuse me Gate 22 is now boarding for San Diego you might want to head to that gate to see if you can get on." I popped up like a AED was applied to my chest and ran like a running back to gate 22. To my surprise, not only was it boarding to San Diego, but the flight I was waiting for the whole time was no longer listed. It was cancelled with no notification. I was already in line and maybe number 5 so I didn't panic too much. Ya girl was getting on this flight. I periscoped the whole thing because at this point the ground stop was national news and I swear I'm a reporter. They let me walk on with my hand written boarding pass and I was on my way.


I land in SD and not to my surprise... my luggage did not make it. The lines were so long and it looked like a madhouse, it was almost 6pm and upon landing I saw Southwest cancelled almost 200 flights. I went to baggage claim to find my luggage and they said the status was unknown. The system was up but some functionality was not 100%, including tracking my baggage. I shuttled to my hotel, met up with Kyle, who also didn't have his bags... and we made out way to Fashion Valley Mall to buy all the stuff we needed for that night and the next day. I had all my outfits planned, purchased last minute toiletries, and it wasn't there.


Thank GOD for Zara, I found the perfect shirt and we ubered to target to get last minute toiletries. We said we are on vacation. This is not a big deal, Comic Con day one is tomorrow it's gonna be fine.

Comic Con day 1 came, Kyle's bag came at 10am. My bag email said my bag came at 11, all I wanted to do was change so I rushed to the hotel but guess what? MY BAG WASN'T THERE. After holding it in that whole day and a half, I finally cried. Kyle had already changed into something comfy and I was just there burning up and wanting the fun things I already bought for the day. Walking around in sandals hurt I just wanted my Adidas NMDs.
Major shoutout to Jill the concierge at Town and Country. She called Southwest and sent me to my room, and 45 minutes later she notified me the driver still had my back and just dropped it off to her.


I could change. I could put on comfy shoes. I could have all my toiletries. It was amazing.
Southwest gave us bother extra vouchers because this drama was extra and I was super pissed.

But yes, day two we didn't have convention badges so we literally walked the malls, then went to the room and took a day to relax!

We needed it. Just being disconnected was needed.
That night we walked Gaslamp. It was a chill day. Much needed after our Southwest experience and pushing through day one of the con.


Jul 25, 2016


Another year, another Comic Con. This might be the third year we have gone, but the experience is always very different. I'll get into how much of struggle it was to get to San Diego in another post. You might have seen the crazy news reports on how ALL flights were grounded and the system comlpletely was offline, omg it was not the start that I wanted. BUT, it ended up rolling.
The Walking Dead: Negan's eenie meenie set. It looked so real and the trailer they premiered showed the bloody Lucille but didn't get us any closer to knowing who got their brains bashed in by Negan. If you read the comic you know it was Glenn that met his fate, I am thinking they will keep it the same, but who knows! TWD is a twisty show.
Thursday was the start of the wrath of con. After walking the entire floor day one totaled to 12.48 total miles! We hit up some of our favorite spots: Bait (where we purchased a few Exclusives), Figurats, MTV, FX, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network, AMC (walking dead), Bandai, Tokidoki... ok seriously thats just to name a few. The ground floor is huge. 

One major trend this year was nostalgia.  My childhood was the center of attention and I couldn't take it! Nickelodeon had a "Nickbox" (similar to a lootcrate) but it included a CYNTHIA DOLL! You guys, CYNTHIA?! I died, it sold out of course so I was not able to become an owner of one.  Other features were Legends of the Hidden Temple, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and Double Dare. Powerpuff girls also had a huge presence! It was so cute seeing their inflatables in the convention and out in the park.

Mission one besides the convention was making sure I got my hands on anything from the Star Trek Mac collection. Mac had a huge set across from Nerd HQ. Besides having a whole collection the set was interative and had the transporter. There was a fiasco with Southwest that I mentioned, at this point I went to MAC on my own while Kyle picked up the luggage the airport lost, so no photo of us in this transporter :( it was amazing though. I'll share Mac swatches this week as well. I DIED when I got my hands on the collection. 
After walking the floor we headed to the MTV Fandom awards. Every year at the con we haven't been but this year we made it a point to try something new and boy did it pay off! It was a great place to see celebs up close as well as have fun with a few concerts during the award show. It aired on Sunday and they cut out so much, it was cool to see what goes into making an awards show.
It was outdoors but once the sun went down I needed a cardigan. All week San Diego had NO clouds so we are currently 6 shades darker. 

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts presenting at the MTV Fandom Awards. Nerve comes out this week and I definitely need to go see it!

Day one was crazy packed full of fun! Stay tuned for our other adventures this week.


Jul 19, 2016

SUGAR AND CLOTH COLOR WALL HOUSTON: Smile Brilliant Giveaway Announcement

Photo by Jerren Willis
One of the best photoshoot walls in Houston hasn't even been around for too long. The Sugar and cloth wall was erected on canal street and is the best place to take photos. A wall sectioned out in bright colors for any theme you happen to have? Why haven't I made it out sooner? I paired a Zara skirt I found during a SUPER SALE for $10. What a deal. The top is thrifted from one of my favorite South Houston thrift stores and its true vintage and shoes are Steve Madden.
All photos are by Houston Photographer Jerren Willis.
You can contact him here:
He was super easy to work with and has a lot of experience is tons of different genre of photography in Houston!
SO many adventures with this one and San Diego Comic Con for year 3 is happening. Follow us on Instagram/snapchat/ twitter to see what we are up too. Sorry not sorry for all the picspam that will occur. 

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I have been whitening my teeth with this awesome kit from smile brilliant. I am giving one away and its an easy giveaway that you can enter here:
The kit has been fun to use and I will be posting it later this week!
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