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Feb 17, 2017

PHOTOLOG: Concrete Jungle Vibes

This post has taken longer than usual, my body is finally crashing! I have been going home and falling asleep. NO BUENO. It is luckily a 3 day weekend so I will be able to get some work done but also fit in some real rest. NY was so fun, I need to visit for fun later this year. The day we arrived it was an amazing 60 degrees, and then by day 2 we woke up to a mini blizzard. I DIDN'T HATE IT! NYC actually salts the sidewalks so it wasn't scary trying to walk around or get anywhere that we needed to be. Major WIN.

Feb 14, 2017

SHOESDAY: Extra Butter

Extra Butter NYC is a minimalist streetwear and sneaker shop in NY. We actually went in to compshop but I really thought the space was really good. They have both apparel and sneakers, Of course they sell adidas, but they also carry BBC, Reebok, and Diadora to name a few. This L.E.S shop has been around since 2013 and is definitely here to stay.
Also, Happy shoes day! Today I'm featuring my Pharrell Hu NMD in black, I highly regret not buying every color. 

Happy Tuesday Y'all!



Feb 11, 2017

Valentine Adventure| A look you can actually run the town in.

I was sent a really cute Dress and Bomber from and styled them for the perfect streetwear ready night on the town.

The dress is listed here as a cognac ruffled, mock neck long sleeve, side slit, floral lace detail knee length dress. In NYC today I am running the town in this look. It is also really cold in both Portland and New York so for this season I am pairing it with thick black leggings from Zara, adidas EQT, adidas originals Beanie and an AMI Clubwear Bomber Jacket.  My jacket is no longer available but there are some more cute ones Here, Here and Here. You can still sign up for a link for AMI to email you if my embroidered one is back in stock.

Lipcolor is Hotline Bling from Colourpop.

AMI clubwear is a site I browsed quite a bit while in college but stopped looking in the past few years. I really missed out, they have a few pieces on their site that can fold into my personal style. The offering is very trendy and affordable so they are great looks for a quick night out. Where was this site when I was headed to the Maxim party last minute! I did wear this jacket to the maxim party, I am not a hoe so I get cold.


Feb 8, 2017

Clarins Love | Hydra Essentials and Colour Collection

Going in between Climates and cities is very difficult on your skin for many reasons. Sleep and food definitely make a difference on how your body will act, but on top of all that skincare is so important! We all know Clarins is my go to and today is the media preview that I attend every year! This year, I'm obviously not in Houston for it so they sent me a few items to enjoy from the Spring line.

I swear by the night and day cream but in Portland the climate is collllld. Lately it has been windy too so this new Hydra-Essential Cream is something I reach for.

According to Clarins:
Luxurious silky cream delivers all-day hydration to thirsty skin, while shielding it from the dehydrating effects of daily thermic shocks that leave it looking dry and weathered: sun, sudden temperature changes, indoor and outdoor pollutants and environmental stress. Quenches skin with Organic leaf of life extract—a succulent plant that enhances the skin’s ability to retain precious moisture—leaving it comfortable, radiant and perfectly hydrated. LINK TO SHOP

It feels silky smooth on my face and has a light scent but isn't bothersome. I have been applying moisturizer daily for the past 2 years an have seen a good improvement in my skin and it is always obvious if I skip a day from my routine.

A good skin care routine begins with serum. I swear by the double serum so this Hydra-essentiel is one I am still testing for the next month! At the end of the month I will let you know how I feel about this one. Serum is the deepest penetrating product so be sure to apply this first with the palms of your hands after cleansing your face. Anything residual I apply to my neck since the neck is also one of the easiest ways to tell age. There are many people that I see have botox and filler but one the eye pans to the neck, it's a give away for their age.

My collection would not be complete without two new essentials: Face Contouring Palate and Jolie Rouge Brilliant lipstick.

The Clarins Rundown:
Face Contouring Palette: Sculpt and define facial contours with this limited edition easy-to-use palette offering the perfect range of long-lasting shades. Formulated with Organic Sweet Almond Oil and the Clarins exclusive Anti-Pollution Complex, the powder leaves skin soft and protected all day. The beveled brush makes application easy. Available for $42 at all Clarinscounters nationwide and on

Joli Rouge Brillant: Clarins' exclusive Shine Booster + Complex and fine pearlescent pigments deliver a subtle, irresistible shine. Mango Oil nourishes, softens and protects lips from dehydration. The three new sheer shades are now available for $28 at all Clarins counters nationwide and on

The Joli Rouge Colors are ones I actually use the whole thing and finish. I have been out recently and I have been using matte lippies from Colour pop. The matte creme is ok but the actual lippies dry my lips out to the point they crack! Clarins does not do that at all , they stay hydrated and the pigment really is subtle. I need to purchase the soft Plum shade, I was given Tender Nude (surprise if you know me, I basically only own shades of nude lipsticks. 

PHEW. I am so sad I couldn't be in Houston for the launch but am thankful to receive many items to add to my Clarins routine. Even my mom enjoys this collection, it really is one that I am obsessed with. 


Feb 6, 2017


Coming to Houston, even though for a short time, was a great idea! I sat outside with a short sleeve tee, ate crawfish and got to spend time with my favorite people and pup. The night before the Super Bowl LI I wanted to experience at least one event. Being gone made me really sad, there were so many cool things going on around the city. I made my way into one of the largest events of the whole Super Bowl with the help of our friend Dom... THE MAXIM PARTY! If I had to only get into one thing, this was a great option. Downtown was over capacity and Maxim was in Sugarland. It was like the stars were all aligned.
Kyle, Mara, Dom (IE: Best friends forever)
Dj Khalid, DNCE and Travis Scott performed making the vibes major key by default. Chamillonaire brushed past but other "stars" like Nick Cannon, Carmen Electra, Fergie and Ludacris were in the building.
DNCE, Maxim did not allow professional photography so I couldn't get any good ones of Travis Scott or DJ Khalid.
For the actual Super Bowl we headed to Kyle's brother's house for a crawfish boil. It was great being outdoors in a short sleeve tee having my pick of the 90lbs of crawfish that were sacrificed for the game. Since there was an ice/ snow threat / cold and rain situation in Portland I was glad to just not be wearing a jacket and see sun. Crazy how something that simple makes me very happy.

They also bought a new puppy named Domino, a cute Dalmatian pup. He is so cute right now but he's going to get really big!

Overall Gaga did great, the game featured the first overtime ever and largest deficit comeback. Houston was pretty flawless when it came to the events and got MAJOR praise from attendees. This is the city that runs the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo, we got big events on lock.

 I am so happy to have been in Houston to feel the vibes in person. Heading back to Portland Tuesday then Wednesday morning.....

I'M OFF TO NEW YORK annnnd its Fashion week!
Whirlwind to say the least.

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