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Oct 29, 2018


It's Sp00ky SZN and its cold, rainy, and dark.

Almost 40 tracks, 2 hours and 9 minutes of moody music. Something about a mellow tune and rain is the most chill thing ever. I commute so on a drive its great, just trying to unwind its a vibe, and just trying to get ready on a cold morning its what I've been playing all month.
In other spooky szn are you ready for halloween? I have a Halloween inspiration post HERE if you are looking for a last minute costume. Im busy binge watching Haunting of Hill House because TIS THE SZN. It's soooo good and on netflix. Tomorrow I am posting 3 shows that aren't halloween themed but suspenseful shows that you should be binging now!

XO-Tamara Altair

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