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Oct 30, 2018


I know halloween is basically over in a day but that doesn't mean real life isn't already spooky, amirite? Here are 3 spooky shows to binge. Now that its cold, rainy and dark it's time to cuddle with a heated blanket and get into:
 YOU. Judging myself, this is a lifetime TV show. You is based on book (that I need to buy to read on a plane) by Caroline Kepnes. It is about an obsessive book store manager that falls in love with an aspiring writer. He stalks her using social media and they eventually date. He is so obsessive he stops at nothing and noone to keep her to himself. Its SOOOO good. Like, he is a creepy person but I also still like his character. It is so weird, its like he is so obsessed with her and cares so much but takes it to an unhealthy level. LOVE.
 I'm only one episode in, but Sabrina is on netflix. If you didn't know Greendale is a city really close to Riverdale. I'm so glad the same people producing Riverdale and telling this version of Sabrina. It's pretty dark but I am giving it a go.
THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. If you haven't watched it by now what are you doing? It ties together soooo well and the story telling is so good. It was complicated at first because they jump between present and past often and I didn't get it at first. Episode 5 tied it together and from then on I was hooked on figuring out how it would end. It's not a creepy can't sleep scary, but there are moments where I jumped from unexpected moments. 10/10.

What are you binging?
XO-Tamara Altair

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