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Feb 20, 2010

WOW i didn't blog yesterday

I was gone alot, and i was in a bad mood.
SoOO i ended up shopping and bought the cutest shoes and a skirt.

I also ended up in some wack traffic.
People were so rude and driving really crazy, i had to leave though i was buying my bf's b-day presents.

Ugh, and i live on campus and im like 20 and my mom STILL gets on my nerves,
she calls me and tries to tell me what to do i end up hanging up on her.
She was like "don't spend any money, don't go anywhere"
i was like are you stupid? She bothers me so much, i can't wait til i graduate so i can move to NYC already.
i want to graduate like, NOW.

In other news, i also doodled a bit,
soo cute:

Im working on my bulliten board for school, its up on Wednesday sooo pics of it will be up then :)im trying to put it together now but its so much work.


M€LISHA said...

hahaha i have some shoes like those except there silver

Jevon said...

When ever Im in a bad mood i most of the time go shopping as well
Haha. Hope your feeling better

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...


1 Dope Kidd said...

omg i love your work its too cute. it reminds me if betsey johnson!!
and lucky you..i still live with my mom ughhh cant wait to graduate from high school!!!

anywho have a good one!

MalibuMara said...

lol, thanks guys,
i just need her to stop smothering me,
im an only child but im not a kid,
im 20! it bothers me so much.

amelia said...

ooo change up the blog. when u get mad u shop? "CRAZY"

Anonymous said...

shopping must be a stress reliever lol. ;)

@TheMedSetter said...

those shoes are fresh! And don't stress, parents can be like that from time to time. Nevertheless, I hope all works out between you & your mommy. I'm sure it will! And those doodles look good. I can't wait to see the bulletin board.

amelia said...

i've followed u 4 a while now but it's changed from when i last saw it, as in " the colours, the writings, the pics etc.

Chay Chay said...

love the shiny shoes...and I'm REALLY into flowers right now, so that skirt is SO ON boo!

amelia said...

this is crazy i was typing to Dcjxn then u then him again then u

Urban Fashionisto said...

im jealous you are stressing over an art project and I am stressing over math science psych etc. fml

MalibuMara said...

aww, you'll get there and check out Jay's post on the teen vogue handbook i got it a while back and he finally ordered it and agreed, it is amazing :)

Yobi said...

cute Are those ppl in you book you???

Ashley Williams said...

I love those shoes, they're all pretty and sparkly!!! And your doodles are sooo cute!!!

Danielle87 said...

LOL at ur mom STILL trying to tell u what to do. My mom does that when it comes to MY money smh. Love the doodles.

MalibuMara said...

thanks guys my doodles are random but i decided to share

Justin said...

Haaa that are moms, always over concerned and thinking what bests for you.. doesnt matter if your 20 of 40 lol, anyways hope u feel better :) and ur shoes + doodles lookin nice haha!

Anonymous said...

i Can't wait Until I graduate either. lol

& it's funny b'cuz i plan on movinq to NYC after I graduate too LOL

What a coincidence big sis lol <---

Jevon said...

glad your feeling better :D. and yeah I blog for myself as well because it feels good.. but you know getting the comments feels just as good. and Its basically an online Magazine, Just a few twists of our own.
Check out my latest lookbook Please and hype :]


Ivy said...

Sorry to hear that
You know how moms can be at times
I love the skirt and shoes
And your doodles are cute!lol

Sofie Marie said...

Sorry about your mum,all parents do random irratating things :D
Loving the skirt,and your doodles are really sweet ^^

Niecey Small said...

yea moms can be a handful haha
i just let my mom talks cuz i know it makes her feel good about herself lol.
it dont realli phase me as much tho haha

Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

cute shoes

Rebekah.N said...

Yea I Kno How You Feel Im In The Seventh Grade And My Mom STILL Ask Me Did i Brush My Teeth Comb My Hair And Wash My Face B4 Skool Im Like I'm Not 4 And She Doesn't Want 2 See Me Grow Up So Fast Lol but Moms Are So Annoying And Loving All At Da Same Time

kimee said...

really artistic doodles lol.
puts my little hearts & smiley faces to shame.
cute skirt & shoesss.

BrownSugar said...

i'm a french girl so i gonna speak french: ton look est tellement cool , j'aimerais avoir cette assurance qu'on les Américains à ne pas faire les choses à moitié ! :p

Sara said...

dude! cute shoes i got the same! urban sales rock

herana said...

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