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Feb 20, 2010

WOW i didn't blog yesterday

I was gone alot, and i was in a bad mood.
SoOO i ended up shopping and bought the cutest shoes and a skirt.

I also ended up in some wack traffic.
People were so rude and driving really crazy, i had to leave though i was buying my bf's b-day presents.

Ugh, and i live on campus and im like 20 and my mom STILL gets on my nerves,
she calls me and tries to tell me what to do i end up hanging up on her.
She was like "don't spend any money, don't go anywhere"
i was like are you stupid? She bothers me so much, i can't wait til i graduate so i can move to NYC already.
i want to graduate like, NOW.

In other news, i also doodled a bit,
soo cute:

Im working on my bulliten board for school, its up on Wednesday sooo pics of it will be up then :)im trying to put it together now but its so much work.
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