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Feb 20, 2010

WOW i didn't blog yesterday

I was gone alot, and i was in a bad mood.
SoOO i ended up shopping and bought the cutest shoes and a skirt.

I also ended up in some wack traffic.
People were so rude and driving really crazy, i had to leave though i was buying my bf's b-day presents.

Ugh, and i live on campus and im like 20 and my mom STILL gets on my nerves,
she calls me and tries to tell me what to do i end up hanging up on her.
She was like "don't spend any money, don't go anywhere"
i was like are you stupid? She bothers me so much, i can't wait til i graduate so i can move to NYC already.
i want to graduate like, NOW.

In other news, i also doodled a bit,
soo cute:

Im working on my bulliten board for school, its up on Wednesday sooo pics of it will be up then :)im trying to put it together now but its so much work.


M€LISHA said...

hahaha i have some shoes like those except there silver

Jevon ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ said...

When ever Im in a bad mood i most of the time go shopping as well
Haha. Hope your feeling better

Tommy The Fashionist said...


1 Dope Kidd said...

omg i love your work its too cute. it reminds me if betsey johnson!!
and lucky you..i still live with my mom ughhh cant wait to graduate from high school!!!

anywho have a good one!

MalibuMara said...

lol, thanks guys,
i just need her to stop smothering me,
im an only child but im not a kid,
im 20! it bothers me so much.

amelia said...

ooo change up the blog. when u get mad u shop? "CRAZY"

Anonymous said...

shopping must be a stress reliever lol. ;)

Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

those shoes are fresh! And don't stress, parents can be like that from time to time. Nevertheless, I hope all works out between you & your mommy. I'm sure it will! And those doodles look good. I can't wait to see the bulletin board.

amelia said...

i've followed u 4 a while now but it's changed from when i last saw it, as in " the colours, the writings, the pics etc.

T-Charry said...

love the shiny shoes...and I'm REALLY into flowers right now, so that skirt is SO ON boo!

amelia said...

this is crazy i was typing to Dcjxn then u then him again then u

Jayy (The Official Fliistar) said...

im jealous you are stressing over an art project and I am stressing over math science psych etc. fml

MalibuMara said...

aww, you'll get there and check out Jay's post on the teen vogue handbook i got it a while back and he finally ordered it and agreed, it is amazing :)

B.Magic said...

cute Are those ppl in you book you???

Ashley W. said...

I love those shoes, they're all pretty and sparkly!!! And your doodles are sooo cute!!!

Danielle87 said...

LOL at ur mom STILL trying to tell u what to do. My mom does that when it comes to MY money smh. Love the doodles.

MalibuMara said...

thanks guys my doodles are random but i decided to share

JUSTIN said...

Haaa that are moms, always over concerned and thinking what bests for you.. doesnt matter if your 20 of 40 lol, anyways hope u feel better :) and ur shoes + doodles lookin nice haha!

Anonymous said...

i Can't wait Until I graduate either. lol

& it's funny b'cuz i plan on movinq to NYC after I graduate too LOL

What a coincidence big sis lol <---

Jevon ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ said...

glad your feeling better :D. and yeah I blog for myself as well because it feels good.. but you know getting the comments feels just as good. and Its basically an online Magazine, Just a few twists of our own.
Check out my latest lookbook Please and hype :]


Ivy416 said...

Sorry to hear that
You know how moms can be at times
I love the skirt and shoes
And your doodles are cute!lol

Sofie Marie said...

Sorry about your mum,all parents do random irratating things :D
Loving the skirt,and your doodles are really sweet ^^

Niecey Small said...

yea moms can be a handful haha
i just let my mom talks cuz i know it makes her feel good about herself lol.
it dont realli phase me as much tho haha

Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

cute shoes

Fashionista said...

Yea I Kno How You Feel Im In The Seventh Grade And My Mom STILL Ask Me Did i Brush My Teeth Comb My Hair And Wash My Face B4 Skool Im Like I'm Not 4 And She Doesn't Want 2 See Me Grow Up So Fast Lol but Moms Are So Annoying And Loving All At Da Same Time

kimee said...

really artistic doodles lol.
puts my little hearts & smiley faces to shame.
cute skirt & shoesss.

BrownSugar said...

i'm a french girl so i gonna speak french: ton look est tellement cool , j'aimerais avoir cette assurance qu'on les Américains à ne pas faire les choses à moitié ! :p

Swedish Girl Sara said...

dude! cute shoes i got the same! urban sales rock

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