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Jan 19, 2010

I have ALWAYS loved Dsquared :)

Sooo, im on my way to Huntsville today... BUT before i leave im ITCHING to go to the mall... So i think i will. lol. Im lucky i didnt have class today most people do so they came back yesterday. I'll make a post soon with all the crap i had to buy for my fashion classes lol... its so much!
But its cute, who else has a pink sewing kit? I DO!!!

ALSO, Bill Kaulitz from TOKYO Hotel literally ROCKED the runway.

The show had a hockey theme (if it wasn't obvious)  and the stage looked like a rink with hockey sticks at the end. Dsquared is also the brothers on Launch my Line! so if you watch that show these brothers are truly talented and deserve to be judging other peoples work :)

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