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Jan 24, 2010

If life was this cool when i was 13

Forever21 is comming out with a kids line of clothing!! How adorable,
LOL this on the day after that lifetime movie pregnancy pact! lol,
BUT ive been working for children retailers like... my whole working career (4 years, damn....) and i must say this is pretty cool, if i was a kid i would so wear this stuff!

The price points are pretty good, and makes its like one stop shopping. 

The one thing i must say is it isn't photographed well, the clothing isn't on display as much as they pretend it is, cataloging for children is different! As much as you want kids to think its cool, parents are SO ANNOYING when shopping for clothing. They are trying to gear these ads the same way they do to teens, but they put price points on the side with barely viewable apparel. Maybe they'll get better or this children's line will fail.  
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