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Jan 28, 2010


OMG, a friend of mine on twitter @brandonwardlaw sent me this hilarious editorial!
He askedme my opinion of it so im over analyzing the shit out of it... and found out each photo has a very interesting and FUNNY prop.

The styling is still really good!

ALSO, another friend of mine from onetoomanywishes tagged me in a little survey so you'll see that in there too!

8 TV shows I watch
1.Project Runway
2.Bad Girls Club
3.CNN (lol yes)
4.discovery channel
5.american Idol
6.Sonny with a chance
7.wizards of waverly place
8.teen mom

8 Things I currently want or need
1.A berinna bobbin lol i have the wrong kind for class
2. More prisma markers im obsessed :)
4. one shoulder dresses
5. dope jacket with shoulder pads
7.my chegg card
8.a pink netbook

8 Things I look forward to
2.My display case
3.projects in sewing class
5.spring semester to be OVER
6.cool thinks to start happening
7. valentines day :)
8.3 year anniversary :D

8 Things I am Passionate about
3.Close Friends and Family
5.being  nerd :)
7.dance :D
8. technology

8 Places I would love to Go,Visit or See
2.tokyo (again,lol)
3. NYC!!!! for so manny reasons
4. Canada... ive never been
6. Italy
7. uk/england in general
8. BRAZIL so i can surf all day and see christo



Anonymous said...

u def should visit NY. itz the best place on earth (im just sayin that cuz im from NY lol) Brazil is a cool place. i really want to go there too.

Yobi said...

Wow I think im the only one that will see the massive erections in these pics lol
cool post.... i guess i was a lil shocked lol


JustNorman said...

LMAO. im scrolling like i don't see what she talkin about. then i get to the 2nd one like nice pants, O, HIS THANG'S HARD. awkward


Kiana F. said...

bahaahahaha!!!! first pic, i like helllloooo... lol then it made started to make sense hahaha

Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

i Like it lol!

M said...

Lmaoo I love this post this is one of my favess you should really come down here to canada i think youd like it (well some parts anyway) you should check out torontos fashion week its pretty good stuff
stay upp I think youre blog is my new fave

Anonymous said...

LMAO...& it gets worse the further you go down. I was surprised...

Nice post.

Jevon said...

Lol nice post..
wow that is my dream. I hate you right now lol ;) but you should come to NY

M said...

Lol Jevon your dream is tokyo my dream is NYC man i would do anything to go down there Toronto is gettin a little old

Mom Fashion World said...

Hahaha...I guess, I know what you mean with
this editorial, sweetie!
I love the style though.

Malibu Mara said...

i have never been to canada maybe i can go to nyc and drive up to niagra falls, thats in canada!
it seems cool alot of my friends who have gone like it.

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...


MalibuMara said...

lol yes,
the styling is good though!
the erections are so random i was like... really?
it gets you talking though lol

Sandy Davone said...

LOL @ pictures. Tokyo is a dope place to go. I went to Tokyo last year. If you wanna go to NY make sure you have money. NY is pretty pricey. & I just hope they used props in those pictures.

Betty and Veronica said...

hahahah...love these! Took me a while to figure out the prop though! Yes come to Canada (toronto more specifically) in the summer of course... lot's of cool things to do and see! You'll love it!


Sofie Marie said...

Hey thanks for doing the tag! Haha,this editorial is a bit nutty.I was sort of marveling at the styling but also had "wtf is with the erections?" whirling round my head.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

This is too funny.

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