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Feb 23, 2010

Basso&Brooke Fall2010

London Fashion Week 
i haven't really liked london fashion week,
and neither has anyone else,
its in its 3rd year of decline.
BUT this is very beautiful, and a great pick me up, today has been full of its ups and downs.


I turn in my project tomorrow, I'll photograph it as promised,
Its a guide to careers in fashion, a la teen vogue handbook.
I couldn't decide on what to do but i like what i settled on.
IT IS ALSO SNOWING a rarity in south texas... im happy, BUT my mom lost her job... so shit is about to get real.
Can i continue my education here? i dont know. I really dont. but the truth of the matter is, im an honor student and a really dilligent student, i NEVER miss class. If this university doesn't want to help me out, im leaving. Its too easy. If they can't give me a scholarship i dont have a choice, im tired of paying full tuition. If they offer me loans again im going to tell them to kiss my ass and go to a university that will take care of me. I can't help how i feel right now, i just feel like i try so hard and i want to just be working already and taking care of my family. i don't know how many times ive cried over this, but here i go again.
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